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May 1st, 2007

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Yes, I'm just lacking the PS3. But in my defense...

The 360 was $299 after rebate (instead of $399).
The PSP was $140 after rebate (instead of $199 which it started out as).
2 comments | original content::gaming | Tuesday, May 1st 2007, 04:38:49 PM

May 15th, 2006

It's the moment you've been waiting for (or not, but humor me ok?). E3 2006 pictures! So there were less booth babes this year for sure, but no matter, there are some for your viewing pleasure.

Some samples:

For recaps: Day 1, Day 2
2 comments | original content::gaming | Monday, May 15th 2006, 02:06:11 AM

May 12th, 2006

E3 2006 Day 2 posted by bichen
Ah, so day 2 comes for E3. So the big things I wanted to check out today were
* The Playstation 3
* The Nintendo Wii

So how did it go? Well... I'll tell ya. Just read on! But again, pictures and videos will be put up later (probably tomorrow). Click here for Day 1.


1 comments | original content::gaming | Friday, May 12th 2006, 12:42:46 AM

May 11th, 2006

E3 2006 Day 1 posted by bichen
Ah,it's that time of the year again. But this time we had to go through rumors that they were not going to allow booth babes this year. An E3 without booth babes? Say it isn't so! But sure enough, it ain't so. So yes, I do have pictures of booth babes for your viewing pleasure, though I'll probably post them Friday.


2 comments | original content::gaming | Thursday, May 11th 2006, 01:55:09 AM

May 22nd, 2005

Hey Youse Guys!
You can check out the E3 2005 pictures I took. Do it. Do it now! Here's a sample of what to expect.

And of course if you want to read up on what I thought, you can always go here. Oh and by the way the write up linked there has pictures to go with it so if you didn't see pictures last time you read that article, there's some now!

Oh and there's also part of the Starcraft Ghost trailer. This is the part I managed to get before the Blizzard guy stopped me. You can't really hear the sound of the trailer above the sound of everything else near by though.
3 comments | original content::gaming | Sunday, May 22nd 2005, 12:15:03 PM

May 20th, 2005

So, like the past 2 years, I went to E3 again. For those of you not in the know, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The biggest game companies and other entertainment companies all attend this event and show off their newest stuff. This time I'm going to do this in one post instead of two since I didn't attend many panels this time. But it's still going to be a pretty long article. I'm going to do 5 mega pixel pictures in a different article to be posted sometime soon but I'll put links to relevant pictures in this article of the crappy ones I got.

High quality pictures for this can be found here though there's some lesser quality ones that are linked and uniquely in this article.


0 comments | original content::gaming | Friday, May 20th 2005, 08:23:58 PM

May 18th, 2005

I borrowed a 5 mega pixel camera for E3 2005. Yes, you and I are expecting awesome resolution pictures of booth babes, right? Well... since I've never used this camera before I just took pictures with it. It wound up taking pictures in the lowest resolution possible. You know, the resolution the WORST digital cameras take? FUCK.

E3 stuff coming later though, including shitty ass pictures.
1 comments | original content::gaming | Wednesday, May 18th 2005, 11:36:31 PM

November 4th, 2004

So playing Sword of Mana for the Gameboy Advance I came across one of the worst design problems I've seen in a game. So here's a question for you. What's some bad game designs you've seen or experienced?
7 comments | original content::gaming | Thursday, Nov 4th 2004, 09:22:35 PM

May 14th, 2004

E3 Pictures! Enjoy. Comment on them in this article. I'll warn you now that they're mostly pictures of booth babes. But that should be what most of you want to see anyways. I took pictures of games last year, but then I realized that my pictures look a lot worse than the ones from the professional gaming sites and I don't have all the information those sites have, so I figured it's not worth it. So... enjoy pictures of booth babes plus a couple other random pictures.

E3 2004 Day 1
E3 2004 Day 2
5 comments | original content::gaming | Friday, May 14th 2004, 08:43:10 PM

E3 2004 Day 2 posted by bichen
Check this article for a quick run down of the second day of E3 (obviously biased to what I did).
Link to E3 2004 Day One.


0 comments | original content::gaming | Friday, May 14th 2004, 02:48:39 PM

Check this article for a quick run down of the first day of E3 (obviously biased to what I did).


0 comments | original content::gaming | Friday, May 14th 2004, 01:32:10 PM


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