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June 16th, 2006

Pulse (Kairo) posted by bichen
So they're doing a remake of the Japanese horror movie, Kairo. It's being called "Pulse" and there are trailers available for it. Looking at the preview though I'm pretty sure they're going to wreck the movie.

To be honest, Kairo was a movie that I wasn't sure I liked when I finished watching the movie. The more I thought about it though, the more I liked it. It's not really that scary and pretty disjointed, but I liked that at the heart of the movie there was a message (about human nature and loneliness). I think that was the one of the most interesting parts of the movie myself.

Watching the American trailer, I just can't help but think "Man, this movie looks cheesy." In some ways it looks like it can be scary (in fact it probably will be scarier than the Japanese version for a lot of people), but it really looks like it lost it's "heart". I dunno, it seems to be a typical horror movie with ghosts rather than a kind of study of human interactions.

It's really a shame I think. As for the original... I would suggest watching it if you like thinking but you also have to be able to accept that it's not going to fully make sense. I was reading this review of the original, Kairo, and wow, she summed up a lot of my thought exactly. (Except I didn't find it that scary).

Just so you know, none of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's movies make complete sense... I've seen 3 of his movies so far and I have to say I do enjoy his movies because there's some interesting themes that he covers. But I can easily see some people really disliking his movies due to his vagueness and somewhat slow pacing. But anyways, if you're planning on watching the Japanese version, don't go in expecting it to be a horror movie. It's not really all that scary; though it does have its moments.
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