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June 1st, 2006

3 Glasses posted by bichen
Here's a puzzle a friend of mine sent me.

You have three glasses. One is 1800cc. One is 1100cc. The last is 700cc. The 1800cc glass is full of water. How do you measure out exactly 900cc of water? I have a solution but I'm not sure if it's the most efficient way of doing it at all since my friend said he did it in like 10 less steps (Check the comments for mine).
2 comments | puzzle | Thursday, Jun 1st 2006, 02:15:12 AM

November 1st, 2004

"Sam Loyd's 'Trick Donkeys' is one of the most elegant puzzles ever invented... print out the page and cut the figure into three parts along the solid lines. Now, position the strip onto the other two pieces so that it looks like each jockey is riding a donkey. Folding is not allowed. Don't give up -- the solution is really quite simple!"

Stolen from Metafilter. It's pretty crafty. Took me like 10 minutes to figure the stupid thing out. My coworker figured it out apparently while cutting it out.
10 comments | puzzle | Monday, Nov 1st 2004, 03:57:33 PM


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Bubb Rubb and Zelda by bichen
Wednesday, Jun 13th 2007, 06:36:53 PM
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