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September 15th, 2004

New Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer) movie. This trailer doesn't really show anything but it's kind of funny. Oh, and it's in Cantonese.

This site has some stills (5) from the movie.
3 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Sep 15th 2004, 11:43:04 AM

September 14th, 2004

Agents Secrets is the new movie with her and Vincent Cassel who I think is her real life boyfriend. Supposedly, they don't make very many movies together although they did make Irreversible a few years back. Here are the trailers. The movie is supposedly going to be released in November in the US.

And all the the sites are in French.
0 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, Sep 14th 2004, 11:43:13 AM

September 7th, 2004

John Travolta reveals that Tarantino might be considering another Pulp Fiction movie, set before the events of the first Pulp Fiction.
0 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, Sep 7th 2004, 11:44:34 AM

September 2nd, 2004

In the new Godzilla movie from Toho, Godzilla is going to fight a race of alien invaders who are using previous Godzilla enemies to conquer the Earth. One of them will be the version of Godzilla that Tri-star used in their movie.
0 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Sep 2nd 2004, 04:12:18 PM

August 30th, 2004

From Ain't It Cool News. This script is so over the top, it sounds funny. It almost sounds like it's some kind of saturday morning kids show. I want them to make it just to see what will make it to the end.
2 comments | links::movies | Monday, Aug 30th 2004, 07:22:17 PM

Who da heck is Grayson you ask? Well Dick Grayson happens to be a comic book character. "Never heard of him" you say? Perhaps you actually have! He's also known as "Robin" (like from "Batman and Robin"). Untamed Cinema has made a trailer for the movie. If I understand it correctly though, it's not actually being made as a movie. A few people just made the trailer. But I have to say... it's INCREDIBLY well done. It looks very professional (though the costumes are the campy versions, not the sleek versions you see in most super hero movies now a days). The only weakness I think in the trailer is they try to do too much with appearances by Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Batgirl, and more.
3 comments | links::movies | Monday, Aug 30th 2004, 02:59:28 AM

August 27th, 2004

6 comments | links::movies | Friday, Aug 27th 2004, 03:02:59 PM

I've never used them since I buy all of the movies that I want to see but my Mom is literally addicted to this place. Here's an article on getting the most out of Netflix. Kind of interesting if you want to use them.
3 comments | links::movies | Friday, Aug 27th 2004, 01:44:08 PM

August 19th, 2004

A pretty funny list of what's wrong with the Lord of the Rings. And for those of you who are wondering it's pretty obvious to me that it's a joke. Because everything there is pretty silly and it seems to be baiting fans of the series with obvious misfacts.
5 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Aug 19th 2004, 11:19:18 AM

August 18th, 2004

Find out here. What's needed: a picture of you on your hard drive that you can send over. And Internet Explorer. Yep, the page is made to be only IE friendly. ONLY the figuring out part requires IE. The page displays just fine in Mozilla, but you can't do your own picture without IE.

Oh, and the results are pretty inaccurate. Ok, fine the results aren't accurate in the slightest. :O But it's still fun to try anyways. Want to see how bad/good they are? Look at the last few.
9 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Aug 18th 2004, 03:34:22 PM

August 13th, 2004

Shaun of the Dead is the next British Zombie phenomenon after 28 Days Later! Except it's ummm... a comedy. It's coming to the US soon, so check out the trailer. It looks like it'll be pretty funny.
0 comments | links::movies | Friday, Aug 13th 2004, 11:40:28 AM

August 11th, 2004

Here's the Alone in the Dark Trailer. Alone in the Dark started out as one of the first "Survival Horror" type games I believe predating Resident Evil. But anyways, this trailer looks bad. And bad in a bad way. It starts off ok then it starts getting boring and really cheesy looking. Maybe it's just me tho?
0 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Aug 11th 2004, 12:11:58 PM

August 10th, 2004

Born to Fight is a Thai action movie. Lots of kicking, but gorsh, it does look pretty cheesy.
0 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, Aug 10th 2004, 12:02:32 PM

August 9th, 2004

Pictures of some of the movie promos of the new Sin City movie coming out in 2005. The posters look like they're staying very in tune with the color scheme of the comic book which is very cool.

I was hoping that they would have a Miho poster since she was my favorite character.
2 comments | links::movies | Monday, Aug 9th 2004, 01:14:24 PM

August 4th, 2004

Some kids supposedly filmed this because they were filming outside of his apartment. Here it is.
2 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Aug 4th 2004, 12:47:30 AM


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