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December 21st, 2004

Hey did you know? Lindsey Lohan has got some big ass titties? Mariah Carey has got some big ass titties? Oh oh oh Halle Berry has got some big ass titties! And don't forget Angelina Jolie has got some big ass titties! Here's the "music" video. There's no nudity, but it's a bit iffy on whether or not it's safe for work.
0 comments | links::music | Tuesday, Dec 21st 2004, 01:34:30 PM

December 16th, 2004

Just in time for the holidays it's Boy O Boy's new single Weapon of Mass Affection. Click on the link on their page to pop up a window with a Quicktime video. (yar it's a joke).
0 comments | links::music | Thursday, Dec 16th 2004, 12:52:58 PM

December 15th, 2004

New iPods posted by bichen
In light of the new U2 branded iPod, liebography.com brings you new signature iPods. Of course if you don't know the artists it won't be as fun, but not to fear, most of them are well known artists.
0 comments | links::music | Wednesday, Dec 15th 2004, 11:57:53 AM

November 18th, 2004

Here is a music video for the song Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me by TISM. I think I read on Metafilter that there was a competition to make a video for the song and this is the one that won? I don't remember anymore.
0 comments | links::music | Thursday, Nov 18th 2004, 12:55:15 PM

November 1st, 2004

I'm a Gangsta posted by bichen
I'm a gangster, I'm a straight up G. I'm a gangster, GRRRRRRR I'm mad! It's a web page that plays a song. The song would be a rap done by someone who's probably not black and not very good, but that makes it that much funnier. But it's actually pretty catchy.
0 comments | links::music | Monday, Nov 1st 2004, 11:14:09 AM

October 28th, 2004

Buy the new Ashlee Simpson brand iPod!
Like no other, iPod Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition stands out. Virgin white, it features the new Apple Fast-Forward Click Button and, on the flip side, complete how to use instructions. Available for just $349, it comes with enough money to use a pay phone for calling your daddy, your agent or both, when you get caught lip syncing live on national television. We have also included some Kleenex for those special times when your entire fan base realizes your nothing but a talentless hack.
0 comments | links::music | Thursday, Oct 28th 2004, 03:33:16 PM

October 26th, 2004

The Sad Song posted by bichen
The Sad Song is a song by Fredo Viola. There's no real lyrics, but it's a pretty neat song and he made a pretty neat video to go with it. It's a ~35 megabyte quick time video embedded in the web page.
0 comments | links::music | Tuesday, Oct 26th 2004, 11:11:54 AM

October 7th, 2004

Memepool says "Carl Lewis may be able to run much, much, much faster than you but, unlike him, you still have your dignity". After watching the video in question I have to laugh my ass off. And feel dirty watching it. I almost feel like I'm watching that gay soccer music video. Haha.
0 comments | links::music | Thursday, Oct 7th 2004, 04:05:05 PM

October 5th, 2004

Here's the video for Sarah McLachlan's World on Fire. It's a very simple video - heck if I had a good camera and lighting equipment I could film it. Yet it cost a LOT of money. Why? Well, watch the video. Some people feel it's being too preachy, but I like it nonetheless.
2 comments | links::music | Tuesday, Oct 5th 2004, 01:08:22 PM

October 1st, 2004

Project J will help you learn a bit more about J-Pop or J-Rock bands if you're into that stuff. (J would stand for Japanese btw). There's some sample mp3s and a lot of information.
3 comments | links::music | Friday, Oct 1st 2004, 02:04:34 PM

September 23rd, 2004

Progressive Boink has "a list of 100 songs to download now". 5 of their writers pick 20 songs each. I'm not sure about their taste in music but hey, if you know some of the songs they like then you might like the others. I haven't downloaded music for a while though.
5 comments | links::music | Thursday, Sep 23rd 2004, 10:56:04 AM

September 9th, 2004

To paraphrase the great insult comic dog, Triumph, "You suck!!!!"

Anyway, on Shaq's new album, he calls out some DJ from Ohio saying, "Even with wings you never as fly as me ... you remind me of Kobe Bryant trying to be as high as me ... but you can't ... even if you get me traded ... wherever I'm at, I'm Puffy; you Mase and you're still hated."
0 comments | links::music | Thursday, Sep 9th 2004, 12:41:26 PM

September 2nd, 2004

So Hewlett-Packard and Apple have partnered up for the iPod so HP is now making iPod clones. I'm not sure why they have though since the iPod clones look exactly like the original and I'm pretty sure cost the same, but whatever. The point is HP made one for Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs (aka P. Diddy). It's custom colored and designed and the kicker is the fact that the HP logo is... DIAMOND ENCRUSTED. See it here.
1 comments | links::music | Thursday, Sep 2nd 2004, 11:47:34 AM

August 17th, 2004

Bronx's Junkyard is like THE source for Korean music videos. So if you like Korean music videos, check it out. And if you don't still consider checking out this music video. I found it hilarious. After you watch it you can read the rest of this article.


0 comments | links::music | Tuesday, Aug 17th 2004, 12:24:31 PM

August 16th, 2004

Notorious MSG posted by bichen
Meet Notorious MSG. 3 Chinese rappers take the music industry by storm. Or not. Relatively funny, depending on whether or not you find 3 fobby guys rapping about fobby things intentionally funny. (I know a lot of people find it funny when they do it when they're serious, but in this case they're obviously not.).
0 comments | links::music | Monday, Aug 16th 2004, 11:38:36 AM


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