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May 11th, 2004

So says Jim Rome. And by god yes, they are done. I'm so sick of the guy. :O
5 comments | links::TV | Tuesday, May 11th 2004, 06:09:11 PM

Bencio del Toro (from Traffic, Usual Suspects, Snatch, etc) was seen making out with Scarlett Johansson (of Lost in Translation fame). Not only that she says they had sex in an elevator. Pretty smooth... a 37 year old, not particularly good looking guy scoring with a 19 year old hottie.
0 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, May 11th 2004, 03:16:12 PM

70s Watches posted by bichen
Watches from the 70's. Some are pretty cool looking.
0 comments | links::geek | Tuesday, May 11th 2004, 03:12:58 PM

May 10th, 2004

How to lower teen pregnancy rates? How about teaching them oral sex?
0 comments | links::sex | Monday, May 10th 2004, 04:37:43 PM

Here's an interview with Chiaki Kuriyama. Who's Chiaki Kuriyama you ask? Have you seen Kill Bill? She was Gogo Yubari. What's so special about her (aside from many guys having a school girl fetish)? She was also in Battle Royale a Japanese movie with a cult following. It's a great movie IMO. :)
0 comments | links::movies | Monday, May 10th 2004, 04:11:35 PM

You remember those cool Transformers stickers where it's black and you rub it and you can reveal the Autobot or Decepticon logo? Well, here's how to build one. Get crackin'.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, May 10th 2004, 04:08:58 PM

May 7th, 2004

Here are pictures of a bird apparently pining for his/her (I don't really know) dead mate. Well, the theory is either
A) The bird is crying over the death and trying to wake the other bird up in hopes the other bird is just unconscious.


B) The bird is defiling the corpse.

The text is in Chinese, but it's the pictures that are interesting.
4 comments | links::sad | Friday, May 7th 2004, 11:34:38 AM

"Mom would be proud." (A quick time movie embedded into a web page). Proud of what you ask? Proud that her son had lots of fireworks shot at him. Yes, he's an idiot. But I gotta say, he's a brave idiot.
0 comments | links::stupid | Friday, May 7th 2004, 11:30:08 AM

Business 2.0 has an article about Sony's PSP perhaps becoming like the "iPod". If you don't know what the PSP is, it's Sony's attempt to muscle into the hand held gaming market currently dominated by Nintendo's Gameboy (Advance). If you don't know what an iPod is, it's Apple's portable mp3 player that is currently probably the most popular and most liked mp3 player out there now.
0 comments | links::geek | Friday, May 7th 2004, 11:28:40 AM

May 6th, 2004

Messed Up posted by bichen
Doctors and nurses accused of infecting over 400 children with HIV sentenced to death by firing squad. Supposedly they did this to try to find a cure for AIDS, but you know, secretly infecting people, especially innocent children is, uh, kinda not cool.
0 comments | links::news | Thursday, May 6th 2004, 04:17:31 PM

I think I posted this a long time ago on Irradiate.Net, but anyways, here it is again! Japanese Pencil Carvers of the World, unite! They make some really kick ass designs too. I can't imagine how long it takes to do one of these.
0 comments | links::art | Thursday, May 6th 2004, 04:07:30 PM

A Portugese man was sentenced to 10 days in jail for leaving a bag unattended in Heathrow airport (the UK). The bag contained a teddy bear, some fruit, and clothes. It triggered a panic at the airport. Poor guy. Doesn't even speak English, this Howard Turner guy is an asshole.

Since the website doesn't display correctly in non Internet Explorer browsers, I mirrored the content that you can read if you click on the "read more" or the title of this article.


0 comments | links::stupid | Thursday, May 6th 2004, 01:14:50 PM

May 5th, 2004

1 comments | links::useful | Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 02:23:05 AM

May 4th, 2004

He's been getting a lot of press recently; probably a little too much, but I thought this article was nice (though sad). If you don't know who Pat Tillman was, he was a football player that turned down a very lucrative contract with an NFL team to go fight in the war. He died recently in Afghanistan. The article linked above is kinda a eulogy. He was quite the guy.
0 comments | links::news | Tuesday, May 4th 2004, 07:10:08 PM

Bug Me Not posted by bichen
Bug me not. A site that gives you login/passwords for sites so you don't have to sign up for them. I'm not sure how extensive their collection is but it does say 800+ sites as of now.
1 comments | links::useful | Tuesday, May 4th 2004, 06:35:10 PM


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Friday, Apr 7th 2006, 05:13:52 PM
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