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April 26th, 2004

Liquid Armor posted by bichen
The military is developing "Liquid Armor". Sounds cool, but what is it? Well, that's what the link is for, you idiot.
0 comments | links::geek | Monday, Apr 26th 2004, 05:24:20 PM

And I present to you a picture of a freaky guy. I'm not sure if it's photoshopped or not.
0 comments | links::yikes | Monday, Apr 26th 2004, 05:23:22 PM

April 23rd, 2004

After a bad call in a tennis match, a player takes out a camera and takes a picture of the bad call. Heh, nice move. He did get reprimanded for unsportsmanlike behavior though.
1 comments | links::sports | Friday, Apr 23rd 2004, 04:34:24 PM

0 comments | links::funny | Friday, Apr 23rd 2004, 04:33:22 PM

April 22nd, 2004

For those of you who watch American Idol, we were in for a "surprise" last night, when three of the top finalists were placed in the "bottom three". For those of you who don't know how this works: Each week, the 3 performers with the least votes get singled out and one gets sent back (that performer is safe), then they announce who out of the 2 left are cut.

So last night, the three that probably performed the best the day before (Jennifer, LaToya, and Fantasia) were in the bottom three. George and John gave poor performances the night before but weren't even in the bottom three. What does this mean? Basically the voting is a sham. John Stevens has a nice voice and can sing well - but he's not a good performer. And he has given some very weak performances (ie singing one song entirely off key). Yet, he's in the top 4.

And not only that. They intentionally set up one of the performers (George Huff) to be made a fool. They told him he was safe and to join the "safe group". George looked at Ryan waiting for him to say which group to join. Ryan didn't tell him and kept on prodding him to join the safe group. The bottom three group eventually beckoned him over (cuz they all did well, the judges loved them, the other group had some bad comments from the judges so they assumed they were safe). Then Ryan revealed his hand and basically did the "haha! you're wrong! SUCKER!" thing. Poor. And all of this crap forced them to cut Jennifer's farewell performance mid song. Just really poor. I dunno if I'm going to watch the show anymore honestly. I never really liked it that much (America's Next Top Model and the Apprentice were much better) and that episode... just really really dumb.

My suggestion is though that they need to give the judges some power. My suggestion would be each judge independantly can vote who their two favorite performers were and who their least favorite performer was. So you have the normal voting methods. Then you have the judges tacked on. And the judges votes will be worth some percentage amount. (Ie a vote from a judge adds +2% to your total votes, a vote against adds -1%). This way if all 3 judges vote you good; it's hard to get voted off. If all vote you bad; it's hard to stay on the show.

Anyways, here's an article about it, though biased in itself. There's a little too much of a conspiracy theory in it if you ask me.
0 comments | links::TV | Thursday, Apr 22nd 2004, 06:29:25 PM

You might get charged with 'indecent behavior' if you do. :O I dunno. I think some PDAs (that's Public Displays of Affection) shouldn't be done in public (like groping, deep kissing, etc), but this is pretty harmless.
0 comments | links::sex | Thursday, Apr 22nd 2004, 05:32:09 PM

0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, Apr 22nd 2004, 01:08:55 PM

Buy your own Back to the Future DeLorean on eBay now! Last I checked it was running $20,600.00, but the reserve was not met.
1 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Apr 22nd 2004, 01:07:51 PM

The Produkkt posted by bichen
What is The Produkkt? Well it's a FPS (first person shooter) with pretty decent graphics. Yeah, they look pretty nice, but we've seen better, right? So what's the big deal? Well, the big deal is that the game clocks in at a size of 98K. For those who aren't in the know... A typical FPS game now a days runs several megabytes. 50+ megs. It takes 1,000K to make one meg. Yes, this is a TINY game. How do they do it? Clever coding.
0 comments | links::gaming | Thursday, Apr 22nd 2004, 01:03:07 PM

Iron Chef America is coming. And no it wasn't the weak ass one hosted a while back by William Shatner. This one is for reals! You go the Iron Chefs from Japan competing against people like Wolfgang Puck. This should be interesting. Too bad Chen Kenichi couldn't make it.
2 comments | links::food | Thursday, Apr 22nd 2004, 12:57:56 PM

April 21st, 2004

Lacy J. Banks revises the list of 50 greatest NBA stars of all time. This is what she comes up with. She's got reasons too so it's an interesting read.
0 comments | links::sports | Wednesday, Apr 21st 2004, 04:52:27 PM

Club Monaco is a clothing store. Here is a coupon. Save 25%, offer expires April 25th, 2004.
0 comments | links::purchasing | Wednesday, Apr 21st 2004, 04:50:16 PM

April 20th, 2004

Here's an oldie but goody. Stalin vs. Hitler. It's a Russian comic about Hitler and Stalin duking it out, and both of them have super hero like powers.
0 comments | links::comics | Tuesday, Apr 20th 2004, 04:59:43 PM

Dial a Cheater is a way to find out if you to see if you're partner is cheating on you. Costs only $1.95. You can read the details of how it works on the website.
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Apr 20th 2004, 04:56:51 PM

Some of these video game look a likes are hilariously accurate. Some of them are far off. Some of them you can see, but it's kinda iffy. But overall it's pretty interesting. :D
0 comments | links::gaming | Tuesday, Apr 20th 2004, 04:54:06 PM


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