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April 7th, 2004

MocoLoco posted by bichen
Memepool.com calls mocoloco "design porn". It's actually pretty fitting. It's just furniture that has some pretty crazy and cool looking designs. (No not pornographic at all, just very cool).
0 comments | links::art | Wednesday, Apr 7th 2004, 01:04:59 PM

John Stone as a fat guy who decided he didn't want to be fat anymore. So he started eating healthy and working out like mad. Well, he got some incredible results and he made a web site about how he accomplished it and his routines. It's really impressive - but he was hard core to get to that point. It only took him like 3-4 months to get from fat to pretty damn cut and buff.

0 comments | links::informative | Wednesday, Apr 7th 2004, 01:02:03 PM

Gordan Tan runs the cash register at Formosa Gardens. "Yeah, so what's the story?" you ask. Well, Mr. Gordan Tan also happens to be two years old. That's right, people pay him money and he makes change out of the cash register. And he does it correctly on his own. Did I mention he was two years old? Oh, I guess I did.
0 comments | links::uplifting | Wednesday, Apr 7th 2004, 01:01:54 PM

A gang goes off and kills a shop manager in front of his wife in New Guinea. So... angry bystanders chased them down and amputated one of the gang member's leg. Serves him right, idiot. :O
0 comments | links::news | Wednesday, Apr 7th 2004, 12:58:08 PM

April 6th, 2004

This article is about how there seems to be a lack of Muslim outrage to the terrorist acts. You would think that Muslims would want to distance themselves from those who claim to be doing God's/Allah's work by killing people. Since you know, all this killing IS technically against the religion. But as it is, most of the Muslim outrage has been from the United States Muslim population.
0 comments | links::news | Tuesday, Apr 6th 2004, 06:04:21 PM

A brief history of the female vibrator. It's safe for work in that it's just text and it's mostly didactic text. But it maybe iffy because it IS about vibrators and orgams.
0 comments | links::sex | Tuesday, Apr 6th 2004, 01:11:36 PM

Take one part Penny Arcade, an online comic mostly about gaming and mix in some Japanese kids not so skilled in english and you get, Penny Arcade Remix Project. Some of them are unintentionally hilarious, and if you love Engrish you might find this funny.
0 comments | links::funny | Tuesday, Apr 6th 2004, 01:11:23 PM

Cosplay Girl posted by bichen

This is the website of a Japanese girl who likes to cosplay. For those of you who don't know what cosplay is... it's short for "costume play" and it's basically when people dress up as anime/manga, video game, movie, or book characters. This particular girl did Yuna (FFX and FFX-2 outfits), Rikku (FFX, FFX-2), Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service), Sakura (Naruto), Rinoa (FFVIII), and a few more. She does a pretty good job too.
0 comments | links::anime | Tuesday, Apr 6th 2004, 01:11:12 PM

April 5th, 2004

Match.com's Physical attraction test. It's kind of interesting. Basically it'll ask you a lot of questions about what body types you like, ask you to judge how attracted you are to certain photos, and ask you to judge how turned off you are by certain photos. Then it'll give you a report. Of course it's not THAT useful since it seems kind of hokey, but it's still pretty interesting nonetheless. It uses Flash. You're supposed to be over 18 to do it, but whatever. And it asks for your email address, but I'm not quite sure if you really need to provide a real one (it sends you an email with the info but it also lets you view the results after you give them "your" email.) It takes about 5+ minutes to complete though.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Apr 5th 2004, 01:04:30 PM

Escape! posted by bichen

Escape! is a really simple game. You basically click on the red square and hold the mouse button down. The blue squares start to move and bounce off the walls. You must move the red square around with out touching the blue squares or the sides. See how long you can last (the blue squares will move faster and faster).
0 comments | links::gaming | Monday, Apr 5th 2004, 01:04:21 PM

Here's a typical "entertainment" story about how David Beckham and wife are upset that news stories are being printed about Beckham's alleged infidelity. But the reason I'm linking it is his unforunate use of the word "special" since well, when you're talking about "special" children these days it usually means mentally handicapped ones. :O
0 comments | links::sports | Monday, Apr 5th 2004, 01:03:50 PM

April 2nd, 2004

Fight breaks out during an anger management workshop. The irony is killing me.
0 comments | links::funny | Friday, Apr 2nd 2004, 04:28:56 PM

"There is pornography on my computer because someone BROKE into my house and planted it on there!"
The best part? Another guy says "Hey, wait a minute, ME TOO!" and they don't appear to be joking.
0 comments | links::funny | Friday, Apr 2nd 2004, 03:59:43 PM

Yasuko-san's Home Cooking is a list of recipies by the webmaster's, Yasuko-san. There's a lot of them and they look pretty good. Pictured to the left is Deep-fried mackerel with sweet vinegar sauce.
0 comments | links::food | Friday, Apr 2nd 2004, 11:21:50 AM

I know this is old, but since I don't have this linked yet, I figure I'll link it now. Is Love Colorblind? is an article about how interracial relationships are firmly opposed to by a good portion of Asian men and Black women. Why? Well, there's a reason why. They feel that only their own kind find them attractive and any interracial dating of Asian women or Black men pretty much depletes the people interested in them. Even though many Asian men and Black women probably won't admit that's the reason, I say it's pretty much right on the button.
0 comments | links::sex | Friday, Apr 2nd 2004, 11:21:36 AM


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