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June 17th, 2009

This is an interesting video about what it means to be open minded. Because so many people take it the wrong way and they feel they're open minded where they're actually NOT open minded at all. It's a very interesting discussion in my opinion.
0 comments | links::informative | Wednesday, Jun 17th 2009, 05:07:53 PM

June 11th, 2009

Medical Myths posted by bichen
Not even doctors are immune from medical myths! In fact some unknowingly pass them on.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, Jun 11th 2009, 03:54:09 PM

June 10th, 2009

Iconic Videos posted by bichen
These 20 videos might very well be the most iconic video memes (pronounced mee-hm) of all time (well until now).
0 comments | links::informative | Wednesday, Jun 10th 2009, 01:46:02 PM

June 9th, 2009

Well obviously pregnant women gain a lot of weight, but hey did you know that fathers to be usually do too?
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Jun 9th 2009, 02:40:58 PM

May 28th, 2009

Diet Soda doesn't CAUSE weight gain, but some how it's correlated to weight gain. Take it as you will. There's something there, though no one's quite sure what.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, May 28th 2009, 12:44:55 PM

May 21st, 2009

If you ever kind of wondered how much people on average made in each state... well, now you know.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, May 21st 2009, 08:00:22 PM

May 15th, 2009

This chart is an interesting breakdown of what drugs are most popular in your area of the US.
0 comments | links::informative | Friday, May 15th 2009, 01:05:50 PM

May 14th, 2009

Sugar Stacks posted by bichen
Sugar stacks is a website that helps you just get a visual picture of how much sugar is actually in various food items.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, May 14th 2009, 05:46:13 PM

May 7th, 2009

0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, May 7th 2009, 03:58:11 PM

April 28th, 2009

If you ever wanted help on doing 3D effects with Photoshop look no further!
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Apr 28th 2009, 07:20:00 PM

April 27th, 2009

Not that it's a great idea, but hey, it's on MSNBC.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Apr 27th 2009, 04:29:27 PM

April 23rd, 2009

One trillion dollars is a freaking lot of money. How much is it really? If you need help visualizing, here you go.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, Apr 23rd 2009, 04:33:39 PM

April 14th, 2009

This site has 8 myths about sleep and what you should do instead.
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Apr 14th 2009, 01:53:06 PM

March 31st, 2009

You know, I'm pretty skeptical about the results of this Digital Image Quality rater but it's stiill pretty interesting. I'm skeptical because some of the results seem kind of off.
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Mar 31st 2009, 03:07:45 PM

March 27th, 2009

If you have photoshop, you should learn these six skills. Sadly enough, I don't know some of these and yes, they would've come in useful.
3 comments | links::informative | Friday, Mar 27th 2009, 06:41:55 PM


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