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October 17th, 2008

Your people in this case would be people from your state. What are they like? Are they conscientious? Neurotic? Extroverted? Obviously this isn't very accurate to individuals, but still kind of interesting to see.
0 comments | links::informative | Friday, Oct 17th 2008, 06:08:15 PM

October 10th, 2008

There's a trade off with getting ice in your soda. Too little and the soda isn't cold. Too much and you get very little soda. So what should you do? Wired breaks it down for you.
0 comments | links::informative | Friday, Oct 10th 2008, 06:04:10 PM

October 8th, 2008

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October 6th, 2008

Now here's some more Photoshop tutorials. Ever felt like giving your pictures a comic book feel? Here's 20 tutorials on how to achieve that! You want your subjects to look better? Enhance their bodies! Virtual plastic surgery baby! And finally create some dark and futuristic effects.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Oct 6th 2008, 05:10:18 PM

September 29th, 2008

Well, in this we mix 3 things. Dungeons and Dragons alignments. Motivators. Comic book super heroes. Mash them together and you get this.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Sep 29th 2008, 06:00:37 PM

September 25th, 2008

Here's the 2008 list of best places in the world to live. What? Los Angeles isn't one of them? Blasphemy! Hahaha.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, Sep 25th 2008, 01:29:25 PM

September 24th, 2008

This article talks about the ideal male and female body types. Is it accurate? Beats me.
0 comments | links::informative | Wednesday, Sep 24th 2008, 06:51:39 PM

September 22nd, 2008

0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Sep 22nd 2008, 04:19:20 PM

This is an interesting article about the power of political misinformation. It's interesting to see how Democrats and Republicans react to political misinformation. Of course this study was written by Democrats, so there's some suspicion about whether or not it's biased, though they showed that Democrats definitely are affected by it too.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Sep 22nd 2008, 04:19:14 PM

September 17th, 2008

The current popular claim by a lot of Republicans is that the media (aside from FOX news) is a bunch of far left liberals. Is this true? No says the LA Times. But who's to say the LA Times isn't one of those bastard liberal biased media outlets?! HUH?!
0 comments | links::informative | Wednesday, Sep 17th 2008, 01:47:43 PM

September 9th, 2008

Most people know that to lean up you should probably diet and do a lot of cardio. But instead of cardio, it is possible to lean up through lifting weights. Of course to lean up though you always need to diet.
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Sep 9th 2008, 04:44:35 PM

September 2nd, 2008

Vampire energy is the electricity appliances you own use up when they're "off". A lot of things now a days don't turn off. They go into "stand by mode". Usually this mode uses up low power, but if they're constantly doing that, you can waste a lot of energy. What are the worst offenders you ask?
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Sep 2nd 2008, 01:36:09 PM

August 28th, 2008

Here are 10 pretty cool how to videos. Some might look freaking bad ass, but like at least for the T-shirt folding one (which you probably have seen before), it's actually more work than you think just because you have to lay the shirt out flat.
0 comments | links::informative | Thursday, Aug 28th 2008, 06:53:30 PM

August 25th, 2008

Beer Googles posted by bichen
Well, whaddya know? Beer goggles do work!
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Aug 25th 2008, 05:12:11 PM

August 18th, 2008

So if you haven't been following up with cellphone news, Android is Google's cellphone Operating System. It looks somewhat like the iPhone operating system, but it's "free" so the idea is for multiple companies to use it. Then your applications and data can be used on other Android OS phones! T-Mobile and HTC are working to put one out by the end of this year, with Sprint to follow.
0 comments | links::informative | Monday, Aug 18th 2008, 04:57:33 PM


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