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June 30th, 2005

Someone did a parody of Star Wars. It's in Flash and it's just a series of screen shots and captions. Someone might find it funny but to be honest, I didn't. In fact I got bored of it... the humor was just a little too... errrr... well let's just say it feels like they were trying way too hard.
0 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Jun 30th 2005, 11:41:27 AM

June 15th, 2005

Star Wars origami. Some are pretty cool. Some look really simple though.
0 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Jun 15th 2005, 06:16:45 PM

June 1st, 2005

From their website:

"Deleted Magic"
is a feature-length documentary about the deleted scenes of the Star Wars trilogy, and about how the movies we know and love were made and edited together. It is taken from information, sources and home videos officially released by Lucasfilm.

This project is not an official Lucasfilm project - it is an unofficial, not-for-profit research project, done in the spirit of fun by a Star Wars fan ... hopefully it will be both informative and entertaining. It will be made available for free, in high quality, via the Internet.

The idea is to combine all sorts of alternate, deleted and making-of footage into a full-length film that gives a better view of how the masterpiece we know as Star Wars was edited together.

In addition to deleted scenes like the Biggs Darklighter material, you'll get a sense of the "Lost Cut"s of the films ... the longer edits that didn't have finished voices or effects.

I've been consulting starwarz.com endlessly, and talking with Mark "Jedisluggo" Johnson and the Star Wars cut scenes list, to prepare an entirely new version of the first Star Wars, and present deleted and making-of material from Empire and Jedi.
0 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Jun 1st 2005, 12:40:01 PM

May 27th, 2005

Grocery Store Wars is a Flash movie parody of Star Wars. Obviously with a grocery store twist... It's actually made to promote organic foods. Pretty clever, but the "choose organic" angle gets really annoying.

Since AwgDawg sent this to me I'll credit him with it.
0 comments | links::movies | Friday, May 27th 2005, 02:08:47 PM

May 23rd, 2005

Here's some "unfortunate" Star Wars costumes. By unfortunate it just means the web master makes "funny" comments about the pictures. Whether or not they're funny depends on your sense of humor. In my opinion, it's frequently not funny. Some interesting entries: scantily clad, female Boba Fett, Death Star, is it just me or are those testicles on his chin?, aww, how cute, lil' yoda.
0 comments | links::movies | Monday, May 23rd 2005, 05:18:11 PM

May 17th, 2005

Transporter 2 Trailer. Click on "Voir la bande announce" then wait through an ad and then it'll start playing.

Unfortunately, no Shu Qi in this movie and Statham has switched from his BMW to an Audi but still some cool action scenes.
1 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, May 17th 2005, 03:55:59 AM

May 9th, 2005

New one just up a couple days ago. Looks pretty sweet.

EDIT (bichen): This is the movie that supposedly caused the fallout between Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston. Cuz it's the movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They're married in the movie but both are assassins.
1 comments | links::movies | Monday, May 9th 2005, 11:11:06 AM

May 8th, 2005

I think so. In the new Harry Potter movie, Cho Chang is supposed to have relatively big role as Harry's love interest. So obviously, they have to find an Asian actress to play the role and according to JK Rowling, she has to be an unknown. In steps Katie Leung.


7 comments | links::movies | Sunday, May 8th 2005, 05:49:00 PM

May 5th, 2005

Mirror Mask posted by bichen
A Neil Gaiman Movie. It looks... interesting. Dunno when it's coming out, it's just labeled as "Coming Soon".
MirrorMask is the story of Helena, a fifteen-year-old girl working for her family circus, who wishes-quite ironically-that she could run away from the circus and join real life. But such is not to be the case, as she finds herself on a strange journey into the Dark Lands, a fantastic landscape filled with giants, Monkeybirds and dangerous sphinxes. Helena searches for the Mirrormask, an object of enormous power that is her only hope of escaping the Dark Lands, waking the Queen of Light and returning home.
1 comments | links::movies | Thursday, May 5th 2005, 02:02:32 PM

May 3rd, 2005

So how did George Lucas come up with the idea of Star Wars? Dez thinks it's from his favorite movie, Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress. But apparently, Hidden Fortress is only one of the many influences.
3 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, May 3rd 2005, 11:35:51 AM

April 15th, 2005

Supposedly this was a true story which inspired many movies including the one which is coming out this weekend. It started out as a book by the people who experienced it and then caught media attention and became HUGE. Was it real though? Most people will agree that it's a huge fake.
0 comments | links::movies | Friday, Apr 15th 2005, 01:02:12 PM

April 7th, 2005

William Shatner, best known for his role as Captain Kirk of Star Trek, did a parody of the movie Seven. It's kinda funny, but I got left with a feeling of "it should've been a lot funnier." It's an MPEG movie, about 20.5 megs large.

Since I hotlinked it, I'll give some props to Frog Star's Star Trek page.
0 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Apr 7th 2005, 04:57:49 PM

Based on an old Japanese cartoon. Some of you might remember it. But this movie is a live action version of Gigantor. They use CG to animate Gigantor but it actually reminds me of the old Godzilla movies which I think is pretty cool.
1 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Apr 7th 2005, 07:26:49 AM

March 14th, 2005

So there's been rumors of a Watchmen movie. This site keeps track of all the information around. If you don't know what Watchmen is, it's an American comic book (though the writers is British I think). The writer is the same guy who wrote the comic book "From Hell" about Jack the Ripper (and later made into the Johnny Depp movie). It's a pretty deep and dark comic... imagine the Incredibles (it seems to have gotten a few ideas from Watchmen, if you ask me) except make the characters have their own personal demons.
2 comments | links::movies | Monday, Mar 14th 2005, 12:06:31 PM

March 10th, 2005

What we have here is a dance off. Napolean Dynamite vs Fender from the movie Robots (not released yet at this point). Just think it's an interesting marketing scheme.
0 comments | links::movies | Thursday, Mar 10th 2005, 12:16:47 PM


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