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March 24th, 2004

Taquitos.Net reviews snacks and various food stuffs. Pretty interesting, but I dunno about them completely since they actually ate uncooked dehydrated tree ear (aka black fungus) thinking it was a snack. If you're curious tree ear is what you find in Hot and Sour soup (the black things).

Chowhound.com is a site about food too.
0 comments | links::food | Wednesday, Mar 24th 2004, 03:10:14 PM

The Cat with Hands, a little short film in Quicktime format. I like it. :) If you're wondering what it's about, I don't want to reveal too much so I'll just say it's about a cat with human hands. It's well made if you ask me.
0 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Mar 24th 2004, 03:10:14 PM

March 23rd, 2004

Jack's Mystery Guest. Get a part time job at Jack in the Box where you pretend you're a normal customer and buy food, eat there and then rate the Jack in the Box. You get reimbursed for the money you spend on food. So yes, you get paid and free food. But you need to go to Jack in the Box for 5-12 hours a week. That's kinda crazy if you ask me. That's like clogging arteries like no tomorrow.
0 comments | links::food | Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2004, 05:50:32 PM

Maggie Q. posted by bichen
Maggie Q.

A half Vietnamese/Caucasian model/actress. She starred in the movie Naked Weapon, a fantasically bad movie. Naked women, sex, violence, assassinations. It has almost everything you want except midgets right? Oh wait, THERE IS A MIDGET TOO! Damn, this movie has everything, including a gang rape scene that I found hilarious. When you find gang rape scenes funny rather than offensive or depressing, it really says something about the quality of the movie.
0 comments | links::movies | Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2004, 04:15:01 PM

Considering buying lots of booze and porn when you're on a company trip? Maybe you want to think again. Hey at least she got a standing ovation at work.
0 comments | links::funny | Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2004, 03:36:47 PM

I'm guilty of some of these, I'll admit.
0 comments | links::informative | Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2004, 03:35:05 PM

March 22nd, 2004

Now this is a destroyed car. There's no bodies in these pictures which is a damn good thing because I'm sure if there were, they'd be mangled beyond recognition. I'm not sure what happened though.
0 comments | links::yikes | Monday, Mar 22nd 2004, 10:17:09 PM

Rock Lee! posted by bichen
The Leaf's Proud Azure Beast... I am Thick Brows ROCK LEE!

Some Naruto goodness. There's no real point to this article, I just wanted to post a picture of Rock Lee (the coloring was done by paintpixel who is frickin' incredible at coloring). Though StopTazmo.com (linked above) is pretty cool.
0 comments | images::anime-manga | Monday, Mar 22nd 2004, 03:37:43 PM

Robert Bonfil draws romance/sex story book covers. It's probably not safe for work, but then again they might be ok. But anyways, I just wanted to single a few out.
Nightmare Clinic features a naked man (with a bedsheet around him) fleeing from seductive women.
The Gay Dogs features a guy in his underwear and his shirt running from dogs and a dominatrix looking lady.
The Day the Universe Came features a spaceman and... furries? (ie humaniod bunnies)
The Jaded Sex has a blurb that almost reads like Engrish.
0 comments | links::sex | Monday, Mar 22nd 2004, 02:03:31 AM

March 21st, 2004

0 comments | links::news | Sunday, Mar 21st 2004, 04:27:07 PM

March 17th, 2004

Idling Away posted by bichen
Ok, someone explain this to me. If you're going to sit in your car and not go anywhere for about half an hour (give or take 10 minutes), don't you normally shut your engine off and then start it back up when you're ready to leave?

Not if you're one of my neighbors apparently. It's a townhouse like area so there's a "street" for all the garages and no driveway. Once or twice every other week he'll idle his car outside his garage (which is VERY near my window) for about 20-30 minutes. Now that's not a big deal except when he does this he does it at around midnight. And sleeping is difficult because there's this low buzz and sometimes your windows vibrate and make a really annoying sound.

So anyways, at midnight (he's been idling away since 11:30pm), I went out there to ask him to not idle his car there for a long time. He was right the next house and there was a woman in the passenger seat. The next house had the garage door open but had 2 cars in there, the garage was completely dark. I told him to try not to idle his car for a long time and he said "oh ok, sorry". I walk back through my garage, and up to my room, and hear the guy drive off. By the way, it was a nice red CLK or SLK. :O

So the question is... what the fuck was the guy doing? He wasn't warming his car up. He drove to the next door house. (Remember, the garage was full). He probably wasn't waiting for someone because I didn't hear anyone leave the car and they left almost immediately after I told him. He wasn't robbing the place because he does this often and I haven't heard of any robberies. If he was out there making out or something, then you would think it'd be best to turn your engine off while you make out? So confused.
2 comments | personal | Wednesday, Mar 17th 2004, 11:26:40 AM

March 14th, 2004

Casshan: Robot Hunter, a Japanese movie about... well, I don't really know because they speak too fast for me to really understand what they're saying. Oh and the fact that my Japanese listening comprehension is henious means even if they speak slowly, I wouldn't understand most of it anyways. But the trailer looks pretty neat. It's a quicktime trailer. Pretty long though.
0 comments | links::movies | Sunday, Mar 14th 2004, 01:31:23 AM

March 12th, 2004

Magic Cash is promoted by Magic Johnson. But as me and a coworker look at it, it almost looks like Magic Johnson (yes, the former NBA Basketball great) is ripping off poor black folk. The card is targeted toward people with bad credit and apparently the commercials feature happy African-Americans.

So what is it? It's a card that acts like a credit card. You can use it to buy stuff online, at stores, etc. It's more like a debit card though in that you can only spend what's on the card. So... the Magic Cash card is a debit card. So, what's so bad about it?

1) It has a set up fee. ($29.95)
2) It has monthly fees. ($5.95)
3) There's a fee for almost anything you want to do with it INCLUDING putting more money on the card! Also if you forget your PIN it costs money. :O

And the kicker is one of the big selling points is that there's no annual fee. Of course. They don't need an annual fee if they're charging you a MONTHLY fee. C'mon. So you're basically paying to use your money and the people this apparently appeals to are those without much money.
0 comments | links::purchasing | Friday, Mar 12th 2004, 04:18:31 PM

Some Deals posted by bichen
Ralph Lauren Turtlenecks - $15.90 from $55 at Nordstrom's website. Only Navy and XXL available.
Polo Ribbed Turtleneck - $19.90 from $69.50 at Nordstrom's website. Only natural color, and medium available.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Jacket - $58.99 from $170.00 at Macy's website. Only black and L, XL, XXL available.
Save 10% off total purchase at Barnes and Noble.
0 comments | links::purchasing | Friday, Mar 12th 2004, 04:11:06 PM

March 10th, 2004

This guy paints/draws on sidewalks. They're 2D pictures but they look 3D. Like for example, he may draw a swimming pool with angels, and it really looks like there's a swimming pool there. Check out some examples from his gallery. Impressive stuff.
0 comments | links::art | Wednesday, Mar 10th 2004, 07:12:29 PM


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