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March 5th, 2004

Weird things in video games. A list of video game cliches and typical video game fare.
0 comments | links::gaming | Friday, Mar 5th 2004, 09:17:47 AM

March 3rd, 2004

A game where you are shown images from the titles of movie posters and you need to guess the movie.
1 comments | links::movies | Wednesday, Mar 3rd 2004, 05:58:19 PM

0 comments | links::sex | Wednesday, Mar 3rd 2004, 05:53:20 PM

March 1st, 2004

An article talking about AIM's spywareness. AIM installs spyware secretly and does a few other slimy things (like set your computer up such that AOL can install things without your knowledge when you visit their website). Oh well, I use Trillian Pro anyways.
0 comments | links::geek | Monday, Mar 1st 2004, 07:01:01 PM

Doesn't it suck when you're watching a documentary on TV about a grisly murder and it happens to be... your house? Especially when there's a possiblity some body parts from the murder may still be in the house?
0 comments | links::yikes | Monday, Mar 1st 2004, 01:55:59 PM

Here is a preview of one of my favorite series of games, Silent Hill 4: The Room. The previews of it sounds like it's gonna be a doozy.
0 comments | links::gaming | Monday, Mar 1st 2004, 09:18:31 AM

February 27th, 2004

This one is a bit long so I'm going to use the blurb functionality. :) Click on this story to read the actual article.
0 comments | site news | Friday, Feb 27th 2004, 06:41:14 PM

February 26th, 2004

Well, this site used to be Irradiate.Net (in a sense), but now it's RealAcid.Com and Irradiate.Net doesn't work any more. Why is that? Well, Irradiate.Net used to run on a friend of mine's personal machine off of his own cable modem connection. His hard drive on his server crashed, wiping out the database and messing everything up. Seeing that it'll take him an hour or so of work to get it running again, he didn't feel like redoing it and I didn't feel like really asking him to redo it (besides, it was eating up his personal bandwidth) so I bought this domain name and hosting.

Not only that, I decided I could code the scripts better so I redid all the scripts from the bottom up. I had such grand plans to make it totally customizable for other people to use, but it started getting really specific and I'm feeling more and more lazy. Maybe I'll generalize it again later when I fully finish and release it for download. Right now though, I expect there to be a few more major changes and A LOT of minor changes in the future.
0 comments | site news | Thursday, Feb 26th 2004, 11:39:57 AM

February 17th, 2004

Way to go pretzel boy! - Anger is always funny.
Hi, I'm your nudie-bar waitress! - Like I said, anger is funny. Sarcastic anger is even better.
To the guy who pretended he was a retard. - Wow, how low CAN you go?
Tall, cute guy robbing the bank monday afternoon. - Fake as heck, but funny.
Thank you for leaving me stranded in NYC. - Now this sucks ass.
Why I don't like you. - So wrong, so wrong.
Incest porn. - Yes, an incest porn story on craigslist. Just proving you can find anything on craigslist.
0 comments | links::funny | Tuesday, Feb 17th 2004, 12:28:40 PM

February 10th, 2004

Here's a quick update of how the site is treking along. Feel free to post a comment if you feel like it. The commenting system should work.
0 comments | site news | Tuesday, Feb 10th 2004, 12:00:00 AM

February 2nd, 2004

Welcome posted by bichen
Hello, and welcome to the preliminary version of the website. Click on this link to read more.
4 comments | site news | Monday, Feb 2nd 2004, 03:22:19 PM

August 11th, 2003

This site started out as irradiate.net and it was run on gainz' personal server off his own internet connection. That meant a lot of web traffic would slow his own internet usage down.

Irradiate.net started because I thought memepool was a bad ass site and I wanted to make a site where I could post the interesting links I found and have other people post the interesting links they found. So that's what it was and it worked fine for a while until gainz' server crashed and he lost the database.

He could get it back up again though but it'd take him an hour of work or so. Since he didn't really gain anything from it (in fact he was giving up bandwidth for it), he decided against putting it back up. So, I bought a new domain name and hosting and voila here's RealAcid.

The scripts are all coded by me, bichen. When they're fully done, I'll probably let people download them and use them themselves, but I don't think I'll do that until I'm really happy with them. As of this moment, there's still some bugs and features left undone and I know some of the code isn't as clean as I'd like. But it's a pretty cool set of scripts if I may say so myself. It requires a MySQL database and PHP though.

If you're curious where the links come from... well, the links come from the sites linked in the links section, ones I find randomly on the internet, or ones that are sent to me by friends (or posted by other people who register with this site). So I don't bother to declare my sources for most of the links just because they're almost always from the links in the "Link Blogs" section.

Anyways, enjoy the links and other stuff.
0 comments | site news | Monday, Aug 11th 2003, 01:40:07 PM


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Japanese Sushi Eating Guide by bichen
Thursday, Dec 8th 2005, 12:32:56 PM
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