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"What is this section?" you ask. After all isn't this site just mostly links anyways? Well, this is a static page of links that I visit often, find useful, or find worth repeated visits. A lot of the stuff you find posted by me are appropriated (god I love that word) from one of these links below.

Toriyama's World
Scanslations for Eyeshield 21, Hunter x Hunter, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto anime etc. They used to update quite often, now they do not. In fact they barely ever update any more. Many of their popular projects have been "stolen" by other groups already. But they do have one of the most active forums in the community.
Manga Screener
Scanslations for 20th Century Boys, Monster, Beck, and more. They tend to do the less known titles that have more mature themes. Not like sexually, (tho some are) but just manga that deviate a bit from the formula most people associate with manga. Ie you won't find many super powered fighting in these manga.
Scanslations for Yakitate! Japan, Midori no Hibi, Hajime no Ippo, etc. I stopped reading most of their stuff except for Yakitate! Japan which is this dumb series that's horribly entertaining to me about making bread.
Anime Suki
Anime Bittorrents. Any unlicensed fansubbed anime you can find here. Great site if you're looking for anime.
Manga News
Shows new scanslation releases. Almost all unlicensed manga scanslations have their releases listed here. If there's bittorrent links they will also usually be provided on this page. It's a good place to see what groups have updated. No licensed manga will be found here though.
Anime Web Turnpike
Big direcory of anime/manga links. The original site for all your anime/manga needs. Personally I don't use it at all, but I remember a time where it was the ultimate anime/manga place to go.
Sijun Art Forums
Forum with a lot of very talented digital artists. Lately the quality has gone down a bit but there's still a lot of incredible stuff there. Check out the Works In Progress and Finished Works forums. Good stuff.
Your one stop guide to any game's walk through, guide, or what not.
Mostly About Console Games.
Info about PC and console gaming.
Info about PC and console gaming
Info about PC and console gaming
It's Jody's Site! One of my former coworkers when I worked for Hearme.
Send anonymous email
Program List
A list of programs that maybe loaded in your computer memory. Useful for determining if you have malicious programs running on your machine.
News for Nerds.
The Register
News for Nerds part II.
Mozilla Firefox
I LOVE this web browser.
Remove Spyware
Remove Spyware Part II
Awesome web log with a lot of technology, gaming, computing, etc links.
The Onion
News Satire. All the news stories on this site are made up and sometimes are rolling on the floor funny. It's even funnier though when people who don't know the Onion get fooled into thinking the site is for real. One anti-gay group referenced an article by the Onion as part of their campaign. The article in question was about how teachers are teaching elementary school kids about gay porn to help promote Gay awareness (complete with a photoshopped picture of a teacher with a gay porn magazine with students).
Something Awful
Geek humor. A lot of classic internet stuff comes from here or is made popular through here. But I dunno, the type of humor ran out after a while for me. I used to think everything there was hilarious, but recently I only go there ocassionally, usually to check to see if there's a funny Photoshop Friday (some of the people there are quite talented with photoshop).
Link Blogs
Link Blog. Probably the godfather of link blogs now and that's not even considering TotalFark which is a pay service but has many times more links. There's an ungodly amount of users on this site.
Another Link Blog. Usually the stuff posted here is more serious. Less wacky links, though you will get those too. Frequently there's serious discussion here. Less users by far than Fark.
Link Blog that inspired this site. This was one of the first link blogs I've seen and I thought it was cool. They don't update nearly as much as Fark though, but there's some classic stuff here.
Obscure Store
Funny/Interesting news stories.
Sensible Erection
Link blog. While this site rox, there's also porn and "gross stuff" that people will post so it's not safe for work and not safe for those of you who aren't more open minded and stronger stomached. But just think of it as a no-holds barred Fark. I've seen some very disturbing things there, but it's not nearly as bad as say Stileproject or Rotten. Just very occasionally you might get something in that vein there. Usually with plenty of advance warning though. As a warning if a multitude of people on there say something is sick to look at, it WILL BE VERY SICK to look at. :(
Link blog. This site is another NOT SAFE FOR WORK link blog. There's all sorts of stuff here, but there seems to be a lot of racial stuff, sexual stuff, with a smattering of gore. Kind of strange since on its main page they censor the thumbnails, but like I said, it really isn't safe for work.
That Video Site
Nice collection of random videos. Some funny, some painful to watch, some erotic. Mostly funny ones. The videos are safe for work except the ones marked "Mature". The advertisements on the site though really push the line since they're usually all sex ads. Non pornographic sex ads, but it's pushing it a bit.
Another nice collection of random videos. This site is much more safe for work as it doesn't have any suspicious ads. The videos are in some proprietary flash I think.
Another nice collection of random videos. Uses Flash Based videos.
Google Video
Another nice collection of random videos. Uses flash based videos.
Online Comics
Tatsuya Ishida's comic about God, the Devil, Slick, 'Nique, and more. Good stylized art and a irreverant tone. One of the best web comics out there in terms of changing content and production values.
Sluggy Freelance
Wacky comic with a definite geeky humor style (though not about geeky things). It really will appeal to a certain crowd - if you like computer gaming and other traditionally dorky things along with some cheesy humor, this is the comic for you. Can be very funny at times if you get it. The art is ok, but it's not one of the tops in that category.
Comic for gamers. Apparently this is one of the most popular web comics period. A lot of the jokes are gaming related and may be way over your head if you don't follow the gaming industry. But if you do, it's frequently very funny. Some people are a bit put off by the bad language though (I think it gives it character). The art is also very well done with crisp lines and solid designs.
Comic about people in a gaming magazine company. Definite geek appeal. The production values on this is very high too with well designed characters and clean art work. Again you might miss out on a lot if you're not into gaming.
Kung Fool! aka Crazy Kimchi
Comic with an unique sense of humor. The artist comes and goes though. He'll work daily for a while then disappear for months. A dirty shame too because I enjoy his work. His art work is good and clean - clean as in not rough, not non-sexual. He may have sexual themes (some of which are utterly hilarious and yet still safe for work though some things might skirt the line a bit but I feel safe viewing it at work).
Diesel Sweeties
Pixelated comic about music, porn, and robots. (Safe for work) It mocks a lot of groups and it definitely leans toward geek appeal.
Sexy Losers
Utterly hilarious sex-centered web comic. Not safe for work. Clay (or Hard) tackles some very strange and disgusting fetishes, but in a very humorous way. We're talking fetishes like: Necrophilia (corpse-sex), Cropophilia (poop-sex), incest, bukkake, excessive and masturbation. Sadly though, he has decided to call it quits with about 240 strips available.
Ask Men
A men's magazine like Maxim.


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