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Masters of Horror: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road posted by bichen

reviews::movies | Friday, Jun 2nd 2006, 12:07:19 PM

So I saw one of the 13 entries of the Masters of Horror series. The One I saw was "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road." In my humble opinion, it was ok. Nothing great, but entertaining enough I suppose. According to my roommate, it wasn't as good as the other couple episodes he saw.

Continued below...

I guess I'm getting a bit jaded because recently I just see all the negatives in movies. But then again the last few movies I've seen were Silent Hill, X3, Tale of Two Sisters, and this one.

The basic story here is a woman, Ellen, gets into an accident on a deserted mountain road. As she comes to, she looks around for the other occupant of the car she hit. In searching she comes across a strange man (refered to as Moonboy) dragging another woman along. Ellen flees and attempts to use her survival training from her husband to try to elude the killer. There's frequent flashbacks to survival training with her husband.

I didn't find it particularly scary and it's not particularly gory either.


So my major issue with this episode is how it frequently falls into the "bad horror" category.

Example 1: She's running away from Moonboy. She kicks him in the face. This stuns him enough for her to run a bit farther, open her bag, find scissors, rig up two branches and the scissors to make a trap (where one branch is bent back with the scissors and the other branch is used as a trigger).

Example 2: After the scissors, she runs and finds a pit. Now she has time to
1) break off a very big stick so it's jagged.
2) go down in the pit and drive the stake into the ground.
3) Exit the pit
4) Cover the pit with leaves and branches
5) rig up a somewhat intricate sling shot like trap (made with parts of her panties and skirt) which will launch a nail file.
Don't you think that you'd be better off RUNNING for the time that it would surely take you to rig this thing up?

Example 3: She had MANY chances to get the guy's knife. She never chooses to get it (until the very end). Baby skeleton or knife? BABY SKELETON!

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