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Day 15 in Eindhoven posted by cacheng

ananas | Tuesday, Feb 15th 2005, 06:54:36 PM

Another exciting day in Holland. Biked to the tax office to get a sofi number so that I can get paid. Definitely a good thing.

Continued below...

I basically travel all over the city on this bike. Just to prove it is a Junker, there's also a thumbnail of the brand name. It's a basically such a crap bike that no one in their right mind would want to steal it. There isn't much crime in Holland. Pretty much the only crime is from people stealing bikes. Heard a statistic that there are over 1 million bikes in Holland but in a year, over 2 million bikes are stolen meaning every bike is stolen twice every year.

Here's also a picture of the house that I'm living in.

I live in the top left corner of it.

And there are windmills here after all. I found this one three doors over.

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oops sorry
Tuesday, Feb 15th 2005, 06:56:06 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
i gave u admin priviledges to the personal section. btw how easy is it to get around einhoven speaking only english? (and very limited german?) easy?
it's actually alright
Wednesday, Feb 16th 2005, 03:22:04 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
Almost everyone hear speaks english pretty well so they usually understand me so long as I don't use too much slang. For shizzle. Most of the asians here don't speak dutch and we kind of stand out. Apparently, the dutch are quite proud of thier ability to speak other languages so they'll speak english to you when they think that you do.


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