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Day 17 - Art is weird here posted by cacheng

ananas | Thursday, Feb 17th 2005, 05:02:41 PM

Another day, another dollar at Philips. I guess I can't really talk about what I do there except to say that I make thin film lighting devices. I keep forgetting to ask if I get a discount on TVs.

Continued below...

On the way to work, this "sculpture" is centered in the middle of one of the roundabouts. (oh yeah, like the British, they just looooove their roundabouts here. ) But they have other strange sculptures all over the city.

I have to mention that I do like the architecture of Holland. They spend a lot of time making their buildings and roads very aesthetically pleasing. Here are two examples. The top one is the city hall of Veldhoven which is where I'm living and the next one is a random high school that I was passing by.

The philips campus is nice for a high tech company. I would take pictures to show but unfortunately, they don't like people taking pictures at philips unless you have authorisation which I don't have. But on one half of the campus, there are all the research buildings. On the other half is a mall with two cafeterias, a nice restaurant and a grocery store. The restaurant even has a happy hour every thursday where you get two beers for 0.75 Euro. Cheap huh?

I actually think of it as Philips way of trying to screw me out of my paycheck. They even charge for little ketchup packets at the cafeteria. 0.20 Euro for a little thing that you can get at McDonalds for free. Bastards!! Actually, it's a European practice to charge for ketchup since no one in Europe seems to use it. They prefer mayonnaise. Weirdos.

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