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Day 20 in Veldhoven posted by cacheng

ananas | Saturday, Feb 19th 2005, 08:20:06 PM

A strange day today. It hailed, snowed and rained all in one day today.

The house that I'm living in is in Veldhoven, a suburb of Eindhoven. We went out to some of the local bars down the street from us. As far as I can tell, there are 3 types of bars in Holland.

Continued below...

1) the local neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name but if they don't know you, they just stare at you all night until you leave. Even if you live two doors down from the bar, they stare at you. And if you stare back, their stares become a little meaner.

2) Crazy techno bar. This bar is filled with two age groups. Teenagers in or right out of high school. Or 40 year old people, trying to act half their age. Combine that with crazy Euro techno and you get a very strange image. , especially when you see old women dancing with young men. Ugh!!

3) Sports/sitting bar. These bars are nice. They seem to be just for sitting and chilling. They serve peanuts and have foosball and pool tables. Nice place.

There are also some dance clubs in Eindhoven but that would mean that we have to ride bikes to get there and freakin cold today. Most people don't drive because cars are expensive; there's no parking late at night; most people want to get drunk; and buses stop running past 11:00. So we instead get lots of drunk bicyclists.

One comment about Dutch women. I haven't seen all of Holland so this remark is confined to the women of Eindhoven. They look cute after the age of 16. That's also the legal age as well. But strange things happen when they turn 18. Their faces seem to become more mannish and their hips start to fill out, probably because of all the biking they do here. This was really apparent in the crazy techno bar with them wearing their tight clothes. Some of them have very nice hips but some of them look like christmas trees with extra presents near the trunk.

But maybe I'll see what the rest of Holland looks like later.

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Saturday, Feb 19th 2005, 11:57:39 PM

Anime Geek
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"Their faces seem to become more mannish and their hips start to fill out, probably because of all the biking they do here."



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