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Day 25 - Utrecht posted by cacheng

ananas | Saturday, Feb 26th 2005, 08:05:47 PM

Went to Utrecht today. It's about 50 miles (80 km) from Eindhoven. Same population but supposedly a much prettier town with a larger young people population because of the local university.

Continued below...

The main attraction is a mall surrounding the remains of a church. The church used to be quite massive but during a storm, the middle part of it collapse leaving the front (a clocktower) and the back.

Here's a picture of the "mall." It's a typical Dutch mall in that there are shops on the ground floor with apartments on top and walking lanes for people. Since all the shops close on Sunday, there are a lot of people out as you can see. Not many American shops but they did have a Foot Locker and a Ray Ban store. But for the most part, the shops either sold lingerie or the bright pastels of dutch clothing. I swear they pick the colors of their clothing to try and blind people.

I'm not sure if the pictures actually give an idea of how massive the clocktower actually is.

This is the bottom of the tower.

The entrance to the courtyard.

After you walk under the tower, you enter a courtyard. It's actually quite interesting because they basically cleared out the debris and built streets and a courtyard where the middle of the church was supposed to be. You can't even tell that they really used to be connected. Pictures of the courtyard and the statue in it. For size reference, I think the statue is about 10-12 feet high.

Utrecht is also close to the waterways through Holland. And there are canals going all through the city, even through the mall. There are even shops lining the sides of the canal. Here are some random pics of the canal going through the mall.

And of course, since this is Holland, we have to make a stop at the local MJ/coffeeshop.

This particular one even sells T-shirts as souvenirs. I shoulda bought one. Forgot. Anyway, this one has the smoking portion downstairs. When we arrived in Utrecht, we noticed a haze over the city which we assumed to be fog or a cloud but as you get closer to the coffee shop, you actually notice that the smoke is coming from the "cave" (the downstairs) of the coffee shop, coming out of this hole in the wall.

The smell is actually pretty powerful. I'm sure that if we had stood outside by the hole, we could have gotten buzzed just from the second hand smoke.

And as I've said before, I like the creative architecture in Holland.

This was some random pub that we passed by as we were looking for a pool hall. And a random chinese restaurant. The food didn't look so good.

Other than the mall and church, though, Utrecht was pretty much the same as Eindhoven. Rather boring culturally. I guess Amsterdam is really where it's at in terms of excitement and stuff to see.

BTW, find out that the hookers in the red light district kind of operate in buildings like vending machines. You see a woman that you like, insert your 50 Euros, and off you go. I'll probably be going to Amsterdam in a month or so when it warms up.

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why are you taking picture of architecture?
Monday, Feb 28th 2005, 01:45:43 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
i wanna see manly dutch women!
i took a pic of the
Monday, Feb 28th 2005, 03:36:04 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
What more do you want? Besides, I'm afraid of the manly women. They scare me. But I'll try and get some more pics of the manly women.
pic of the what?
Monday, Feb 28th 2005, 08:12:08 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
Traveler's advisory
Monday, Feb 28th 2005, 09:22:13 PM

Trading Card Game Dork
Posts: 63
Hey Cal, on a slightly related note, if you ever drive 2 hours east of San Diego then head straight south and cross the border into Mexico, you wind up in this town called Mexicali. And if you ever happen to venture into this town and have the craving for some fare from one of the numerous Chinese restaurants, don't try it. Andrew, Bing, and I had the misfortune of journeying to the one city in Mexico famed for it's fusion of chinese and mexican food (because in the early 1900's Chinese people were the majority in this city) and came away underwhelmed...in case you wanted to go to Mexicali. I hear Mazatlan has great ldu's.

Edited on Monday 28th of February 2005 09:22:49 PM.

meant to say coffee shop!!
Tuesday, Mar 1st 2005, 02:12:55 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
and I'll remember to go to chinese restaurants in mexico
getting forgetful or absent minded?
Tuesday, Mar 1st 2005, 04:31:31 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
that is the price you pay for too much pot.


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