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Donnie Darko posted by bichen

reviews::movies | Monday, Mar 21st 2005, 05:04:11 PM

Donnie Darko is a really weird film. I think it was the break out film for Jake Gyllenhaal. It's about a mentally disturbed teenager named Donnie Darko. He goes to therapy, takes medication and all of that. One day he "meets" Frank, a 6 foot tall bunny rabbit (or a guy in a bunny rabbit suit). Frank saves him from death and also helps Donnie confront his destiny. Sound weird? That's because it IS.

Continued below...

What it also is is a most bad ass movie. I really really liked it but I have to say that it's not going to be for everyone. The movie has an eerie atmosphere and is very well done in my opinion. The movie doesn't make much sense though, but the acting is good and Patrick Swayze is in the movie... Huh? you ask. Watch the movie and you'll know what I mean.

Did I mention the sound track is awesome? The movie takes place in the 80s so we get some fine 80s music. :) So yeah, if you like strange films that leave you thinking after the movie, watch this. I'm really happy I bought the DVD myself. For me, it lived up to the hype, but then again I like strange films.

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I really liked this movie
Monday, Mar 21st 2005, 05:30:42 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
Saw this movie back when it first came on DVD. I'm blown away.

I haven't seen the director's cut yet. I hear that it's pretty good as well. Which version did you watch Bing?
mine cost $4.99
Monday, Mar 21st 2005, 05:39:42 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
you can probably guess which one it is!

but yeah i love that movie!!!!!!!!
See the original before director's cut if you can
Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005, 08:42:58 AM

Kwik-E-Mart Owner
Posts: 11
My oldest brother said that he didn't like the director's cut as much because it answered too many questions. Part of the appeal of the movie is going back and trying to unravel what happened, and come up with an interpretation.
that's what I've heard too
Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005, 09:36:37 AM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
but you can't beat the extras on the directors cut. Apparently, there's more comentary and behind the scenes stuff.
i was watching some of the deleted scenes
Tuesday, Mar 22nd 2005, 12:31:48 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
and i didn't like the fact that he planned on making it clear whether or not donnie was just utterly insane or not. :(

i'll watch the director's cut though when it comes out! dunno if i'll buy it but i'll probably try renting it.

it's kinda interesting how leaving stuff unanswered can make a story that much cooler. i remember the original Silent Hill game being like that. it explained about 1/2 the story, the other half you had to figure out yourself, prompting people to write long ass write ups of what they thought the story meant.


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