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Pharmacy Scammer Idiot posted by bichen

links::funny | Thursday, Apr 14th 2005, 12:44:17 PM

Here is the tale of a scammer and a sarcastic customer service representative.

Basically a guy ordered medicine from a company. The order was shipped and he signed for it using an alias (which he used to buy other meds from the same site at another time). He claimed he never received them. He was told to check with FedEx since FedEx says the item was delievered. Nonetheless this guy "disgruntled customer" (DC for short) charged back his credit card and got the money back.

That's not enough for DC tho and he was trying to shake them down for another 300 bucks. This was a scheme he was running with other businesses. But anyways this CSR started screwing with DC being really smart alecky and DC started threatening to have them thrown into jail and carbon copying the "FBI". It's pretty damn hilarious when you realize how stupid this guy is and how absurdly bad his grammar and spelling are. But anyways a bunch of people started screwing with DC too and posting their stories. A lot of it is mirrored and collected here if you don't want to wade through 18+ pages of forum posts.

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Tuesday, Oct 11th 2005, 12:07:24 PM
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