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Useful Tips For EVERYONE posted by bichen

original content::informative | Wednesday, Apr 27th 2005, 11:28:45 AM

Monkeyfilter had a thread similar to this but not quite the same. That thread was mostly about random tips to help around the house and what not, but this is more like self-improvement. Like stuff to do that most people won't tell you in fear of offending you. Here's my list. Add your own. Remember I'm talking about stuff that is good for EVERYONE to know. Basically this is stuff that if you're not doing it, then someone is probably pissed at you for not doing it.

Continued below...

Personal Hygine

Brush your tongue well when you brush your teeth. This REALLY helps fight against bad breath. If you do this and still have bad breath something's likely wrong. See a doctor if you still suffer from bad breath even though you brush your tongue well in the morning. Brushing your tongue before bed at night will help lessen morning breath.

Wear deodorant/anti perspirant. It doesn't matter if you think you don't smell, wear deodorant just in case. It's cheap and it doesn't take much time to put on. There's two types of B.O. The musky kind and the sour kind. Both are nasty though the sour kind smells bad even in light quantities. I've walked by a very hairy guy with super strong musky B.O. and it was very very disgusting.

Make sure you wipe your ass very thoroughly after taking a dump. Avoid skid marks. They might come back to haunt you and besides do you really want to be touching skid mark stained underwear when you do your laundry?

If you use the topical (ie stuff you apply to your skin) acne medicine, wash your face 2x a day (including shower) and your acne is still bad, see a dermatologist. You want to get that taken care of before you get severe acne scarring. You might have acne that requires real medicine.

Avoid washing your face too often. It can cause your face to get even more oily. Hot water is also bad since it can dry your skin out more. So washing your face 5x a day with hot water can cause your face to become 3x more oily and it'll stay like that for a while even after you stop washing your face so often.

If your feet smell (you should be able to tell), use foot powder like Gold Bond. This helps in that your feet don't smell as bad and it keeps your feet dry and cool.

Shower daily! If you can't (ie camping trip or whatever), shower as often as you can. I know people that don't (they shower maybe once a week). I have no idea why they don't.

If you wear cologne/perfume, don't over do it.

Wash your hands after using the bathroom. Even if it's something as little as running your hands through water!


Avoid the habit of breathing through the mouth. It looks bad and it also makes you snore. Obviously if your nose is stuffed up or you're snorkling you don't have much choice. But otherwise breathe through your nose.


If you're going to tuck your shirt into your pants, wear a belt. There's some exceptions, but most of the time a tucked shirt without a belt looks really bad.


If you're eating out with a group of people, don't start eating until everyone has their food. The exception to this rule is if you're a very slow eater and this group of people know that you are a slow eater, then start eating.

Don't spit or hawk loogies in public unless you have to.

Cover your mouth when you cough. Or make sure you turn your head where there's NOBODY near by when you cough. Same with sneezes, yawns, and burps.

A one sided conversation where the other person doesn't encourage you to say more (encouragment means like "and?", "oh and then what happened?", "then what?") usually means you should shut up.

Give people their personal space (ie don't stand, sit TOO close to people). The exceptions are
1) you're in a crowded area
2) the person you're standing/sitting very close to is someone that's at least somewhat interested in you
3) the person is a family member or close friend and you know they don't mind you invading their personal space
4) you can't hear the other person (ie in a club or whatever)

If you have a big ego and like to flaunt it, throw in self-deprecating statements every now and then. People won't get as annoyed.

Don't pick your nose in public.

If you have to fart, try to get away from people, then fart, then (this is important) walk even more away from the group of people you're hanging out with for a few steps, then walk toward your friends. If you fart and immediately walk towards your friends, the fart will follow you (because of the slip stream).

If you're a guy and you "splash" when using someone's toilet, use toilet paper to clean it up.

If you use the toilet at a girl's place, either lower the seat or lower the seat and cover when you're done.

Things You Should Have

Leave spray air freshener or a candle with matches/lighter in your bathroom. This lets a person "clean up" after laying a bomb in your bathroom. (Lighting a candle and blowing it out, or just lighting a match and blowing it out can get rid of a lot of the smell).

Bottled water is really useful to have to even if you don't drink bottled water. A lot of times you'll find it good to offer people. It looks a lot better than offering people a cup full of water and it lets them bring it home. Also they'll know it's "clean".

Always have an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. If you finish a roll, and use the extra roll to replace it, then afterwards put a new roll as your "backup" roll.


Try your best to drink 8 cups of water a day. Why? First, it hydrates you. Second, it helps suppress hunger. Third, it helps your "plumbing". Fourth, it gives you more exercise (almost negligibly but it does). How? You're going to have to walk to the bathroom more often, and you're going to have to walk to get more water.

If you don't have a good metabolism, avoid eating large dinners late at night.

Eat breakfast if you can. Even if it's small and a "grab on the go" thing. It'll help stimulate your metabolism.

Rather than hardcore dieting, it's better to change your eating habits slightly unless you have incredible will power. It's easy to adjust to little changes than large ones. So while you might lose 20 pounds through Atkin's you'll probably regain it since you're unlikely to stick with Atkins.

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Thursday, Apr 28th 2005, 01:24:36 AM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
this is like that wear sunscreen song

all right well here are my tips

watch a few comedies here and there, laughing is good

scientifically you dont need to drink an excess of water like 8 glasses a day but i still think drinking more water is a good bet

dont ever rub chili pepper seeds onto your lips or eyelids even if its a dare...it will suck trust me

if things get too spicy when eating drink milk, sugar water, or lemon juice
(dont combine them u moron)

dont ever get into a fight with fedor emelianenko, no matter who you are yes this applies to 99.9 percent of the worlds population

if u get in a bareknuckled fight place ur thumb over the groove of ur index, or it might get broken

dont pick ur nose and then rub ur eyes, ull probably get an ugly sty

if you insist on spitting dont leave loogies where people walk its annoying

dont try swimming a 500 freestyle any less than 15 min before eating anything more than a bowl of pasta salad in general

dont start fights with mexican kids at school. its a bad idea.



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