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Wolfgang Puck's Self Heating Cans posted by bichen

links::informative | Tuesday, Jul 12th 2005, 02:02:58 PM

Wolfgang Puck sells stuff in a can that heat themselves. You know like Espresso or something. Pretty cool concept, but just how does it work?

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he should be careful
Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005, 09:36:29 AM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
because I think calcium oxide and water makes calcium hydroxide which is very basic and can be very damaging to his skin. Supposedly, the reaction is violent enough that if there was something really flammable nearby, you can cause a fire. Plus, if it's in the powder form, you don't even want to go near it since you could potentially inhale it and then it would react with the water in your body and that would really hurt.
who do u think you are?
Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005, 11:48:11 AM

head dork
Posts: 4964
a chemist?
hey, it's not often
Thursday, Jul 14th 2005, 03:16:22 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
that I can show off my chemical superfreakiness.


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