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Tiffany Teen is My Girlfriend posted by bichen

links::funny | Tuesday, Aug 9th 2005, 02:01:33 PM

I am such a stud! This is a pretty damn funny thread. So on this car forum, someone started a "Post a pic of your GF/Wife" thread. One of the members GI- is this supposed stud. He always has pics of hot girls that he supposedly scored with and what not. Anyways he posted a few pics of his "ex-wife". One of them was a picture of her in red/black lingere. People were impressed... until someone pointed out that picture was straight from the Tiffany Teen website. So what do you think he did? Admit it? Nope, he insisted it was his ex-wife and suggested perhaps Tiffany Teen saw pictures of his ex-wife and decided to recreate the EXACT same pose, in the EXACT same underwear in the EXACT same location. I laughed my ass off at this thread.

Pictures of some scantily clad girls. And it's really long. There's 80+ pages of stuff but he gets his bluff called on page 12 (which I linked).

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