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This Girl is Not Cute posted by bichen

links::bizarre | Wednesday, Aug 24th 2005, 11:06:20 AM

So apparently there's this chick who has become an attention whore in China and guys are going gaga over her. Her name is Furong Jie-Jie and all I have to say is... she is NOT cute. :( Not NEARLY cute enough to become an internet phenomenon.
EDIT: A CNN article about this girl can be found here. More pics of her can be found here. And she's not quite as bad looking as I first thought but still not nearly good looking enough to be an internet attention whore.

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Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2005, 02:37:45 PM

Anime Geek
Posts: 374
the hell is wrong with china
ill tell you
Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2005, 03:20:32 PM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
everyones trying to have a damn boy, which means there are relatively few girls for the little chinkheads. the result? lil commie bastards splooge their shorts over ugly chicks.
but they've got some hotties there
Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2005, 04:20:48 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
like zhang ziyi...
gong li...
a mass of hong kong actors/pop stars...

Wednesday, Aug 24th 2005, 02:09:27 PM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
we should take pics of ourselves in the stupidest poses ever and post them around teh internet and see what happens
she's a man!!
Thursday, Aug 25th 2005, 02:05:46 AM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
she looks like a typical chinese girl from the west. but yeah, all of the mainland chinese guys that i've ever met are the biggest closet hornballs in the world.


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