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E3 2004 Day 2 posted by bichen

original content::gaming | Friday, May 14th 2004, 02:48:39 PM

Check this article for a quick run down of the second day of E3 (obviously biased to what I did).
Link to E3 2004 Day One.

Continued below...

First things first:
1) I only went Wednesday and Thursday
2) I really only have pictures of booth babes since I realized that that's what most people want to see anyways, and pictures of games are kinda dumb since well, other sites will have them and have them in much better quality.
3) I'll put up the pictures in a day or so.

Anyways, on Thursday, I only went to one panel since the other ones didn't seem all that interesting (and I didn't want to go Friday). The panel I saw was "Mapping the Future of Mass Market Online Worlds." There were only really three things of note about this panel, and none really dealing with the topic. The first thing: The moderator for the panel was Jessica Mulligan, the executive producer of Turbine Entertainment. What's interesting about her? She's a man. At least I'm 99% sure she was once a man. She may not be a man any longer, but she's gotta have been born a man. Her voice was more masculine than most men. The next two interesting things both had to deal with the Korean panelist, Won Il Suh. I found it funny that he calls the mass market audience "muggles" ala Harry Potter calls non magic people "muggles." The second thing is that he mentioned that Koreans liked to play games that only required one hand to play. Immediately conjuring up funny images to most people in the room. For those who are scratching their heads... usually when they say someone on the computer needs one hand free, they mean they need the free hand to "play" with themselves. Anyways the reason for that isn't what people immediately assumed, it was because a lot of Koreans play in cyber cafes and they smoke while they play.

So things of note:
  • I got a signature from and a picture with Toshihiro Kawamoto, the (one of the) creator(s) of Cowboy Bebop.
  • Vin Diesel was there, though the line to see him was pretty bad.
  • Tony Hawk was there.
  • One of the two biggest draws was the Sony PSP. That's Playstation pocket, Sony's move into the handheld market currently dominated by Nintendo. Personally, I think it looks incredible. I looked at it (it was in a public place, but you need to get in line to try it or to get a very close look at it) and I've gotta say the graphics are quite impressive. I think Sony claims it's close to the PS2 graphics. It could be but the small screen makes it hard to determine.
  • The other big draw was the Nintendo DS, which is Nintendo's next handheld. I don't have any information on this though because the line to see it was absurd and they didn't have it out in a public place (ie, if you wanted to see it you needed to get in line).
  • On the other hand Nokia's N-Gage had a big booth that wasn't so popular. It hasn't been doing well, and it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. The graphics look pretty good sometimes, but sometimes it looks horrible. The buttons are confusing (since it can be used as a phone). Also I tried their Ashen demon. Ashen is a FPS game. Let's just say I tried it for like 2 different 4 minute periods. I didn't see a single guy to kill. What kind of demo for an FPS doesn't immediately give you guys to shoot?
  • Heidi Strobel from Survivor: Amazon was there. I gotta say she's hot and she actually does play games. Here's a pic of her that I got.
  • The Phantom console seems very neat in theory, but I'm still skeptical. They had the console there to demonstrate, but they didn't really do much. Basically it just had a few menus that they went around. I'm still a bit skeptical about it since the concept sounds like it involves a lot of work from developers, and I don't know how many developers are going to be willing to do that.

Now on to my random observations:
  • There's such a wide variety of people there. I realize they're not all gamers (some are media people, producers, etc) but still. You got your typical fat gamers. Your overly skinny gamers. You have the normal body type gamers that are really geeky. Then you have normal looking people, you have guys that look like frat boys, you have African Americans that are kinda street, you have some guys that obviously body build, you have a few cute girls, a few huge girls, a few goths, you name it.
  • There's a lot of depressingly tall people out there. I don't know how many times I was thinking "damn those people are tall." Of course there were some really short people there, but there seems to be a lot of REALLY tall people there.
  • Sour sweat is really not cool. Wear some deodarant people.
  • I was amused by two (three if you count the same thing by a different person) instances of people really not paying attention. First two happened at a set of escalators. If you're on the second floor, usually the escalator on the right goes down, the one of the left comes up. So if you're on the first floor, you also want the right hand escalator. This set was reversed. My coworker walked all the way to the beginning of the wrong escalator before catching himself, realizing that these were backwards and then taking the right one. We go downstairs and I see this white guy walk 3 steps up the wrong escalator before going "what the fuck am I doing?" and then switiching to the correct one.
  • Second non payer of attention was this asian guy. I was in line for the Cowboy Bebop signing. They had those line separators (those poles with that rope like thing so you can't cross) to make sure that the line was kept orderly. Anyways this asian guy just walks right past me into ropes. I was pretty sure he wasn't going to notice so I held down one of the columns. Anyways, he actually walked two steps while the rope (actually a strip of fabric) extended. He then looked around with a very confused look on his face until he finally found the break in the line separators.
  • There were these guys trying to get a picture with the E3 on DVD models. One was busy so the other told the guys "we're waiting for another model." One of the guys pointed out some random girl walking around and was like "is that her?" The E3 on DVD model said "no... but hey, she's cute." Haha. It was the burnette on the right that said it..
  • Heidi Strobel, the Survivor chick, obviously has a lot of male admirers. But she also got one when I was there that was pretty funny. He looked like a normal guy, but the way he talked you could tell he was a geek (nothing wrong with being a geek, I'm pretty geeky myself). But anyways, he kept on talking to her and then Heidi mentioned that she liked games and this guy (let's call him John Doe so I don't have to refer to him as "this guy" all the time) just lit up. She mentioned that she played the Sims and True Crime: Streets of LA. Amusing side note. Heidi talked about how she loved shooting people up but had to learn to stop that since you can't really solve any crimes if you kill anyone. Side note two: She mentioned how she would track down where Snoop Dogg was in the game because she loved the line he would say. Back to the story, John Doe goes "OH MY GOD! AN ACTUAL GAMER GIRL! THAT IS SOOO COOL!" while getting this look of utter adoration on his face. Then Heidi mentions "oh, I was thinking of getting into football games" and the guy's face just drops. "Sports games? I don't play sports." I think at that point he realized that perhaps she didn't live in the same world he did. :O Poor John Doe.

Games notes (I didn't extensively play anything so there's not going to be much here. Check real gaming sites for more game info.)
  • Konami rules. They've become my favorite game company for now.
  • Silent Hill 4 looks bad ass. The game itself looks a lot brighter than the original Silent Hills, but they look plenty creepy enough. Interesting thing is it goes into first person mode sometimes. The actual movie trailer for the game is bad ass (the ones the show on the big screen that loops). I want this game.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3. Not much to say, since it was there last year and it doesn't look much different. Just that this year, you can play a part of it.
  • Nanobreaker. It doesn't look that great or anything, but it deserves a mention because it's an ABSURDLY bloody game. Everytime you chop someone, blood rains down. Great effect.
  • Resident Evil 4 (or 4 Resident Evil) looks very good too. I'm talking about pure graphic wise. It looks incredible.
  • Under the Skin looks like a lot of fun. It's a very cartoony looking game, but the concept seems very funny. You're an alien who has the power to shape shift. Your goal: to piss off Earthlings and get away. So you shift into different people, annoy the hell out of everyone, then run, turn a corner and shift into someone else. What a great concept.
  • Fight Club looks like such an unneccessary game. From what it looks like at first peek, it seems to be a fighting game that tries to cash in on Fight Club's popularity. It didn't look like it brought anything new into the table.
  • FFXII looks good. It's an interesting combat system. You select what you want to do (ie Attack). You execute that command when your timer reaches the max, but while your timer is charging you can run around. Graphics look pretty good too.
  • Rumble Roses is so gratitous. It's basically an all female wrestling game. Where on entrances the characters come out and do a little show for you. There's also a mode where you can mudwrestle the girls in really skimpy bikinis. :)
  • Leisure Suit Larry. A return of a classic. Basically now you're Larry's nephew in college and you try to score as many girls as you can. Looks like it can be funny. Lots of dialogue and lots of mini games involved.
  • Playboy Mansion. Yes, now we have a simulation game where you're Hugh Heffner a guy who has to make his magazine do well while you live in a mansion surrounded by hot women.
  • Siren is another survival horror game where you have an ability to "sight jack" people, ie see through other people's eyes. I can't say much about it though since I walked up the stairs, try to sight jack, got nothing, then when I got back from trying to sight jack some dude promptly ate me.

Loot bag:
  • Magazines up the wazoo
  • a 24 carat gold plated kangaroo pin from the Austrailian game company.
  • A computerized 20 questions game from 20Q.com
  • T-Shirt from Phantom console
  • T-shirt from Wish (a MMORPG)
  • T-shirt from Dragon Empires (another MMORPG)
  • A CD-case or CD player case (not sure) from Raxer
  • A bag from Ziff Davis Media
  • A cup of wine from Sony Computer Entertainment
  • 2 Beers from the Swedish Gaming Council.
  • One of those Fuzzy Ball things with eyes and feet from some company or the other.

This is it though since I'm not going today. Pictures will probably come sometime in the next few days. I have to crop a lot and decide which ones to put up, etc.

E3 Pictures

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