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Stay posted by bichen

reviews::movies | Sunday, Oct 23rd 2005, 09:53:29 PM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usStay is a strange thriller about a psychiatrist named Sam (Ewan McGregor) who is living with his artist girlfriend Lila (Naomi Watts). He takes on a temporary patient, Henry (Ryan Gosling) who is going crazy. Henry tells Sam that he will kill himself in 3 days and Sam tries to stop him. While this is happening strange events start occuring in Sam's life.

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I initially saw the trailers for this movie and I thought it looked interesting. I had no idea what it was about, but it looked weird, and I like weird movies.

This movie fit the bill, though in the end it does make some sense. I'm not fully sure how much most people would like this movie. The big draws are the acting is very good and the visuals are (in my opinion) very cool. It's a very artsy film. The story is bizarre too, which to me, is a plus, but I can see it being a big turn off for other people, especially since the resolution doesn't really feel like it fully answers the rest of the movie.

The movie makes some sense by the end, but also doesn't. It's hard to explain without ruining the story. Needless to say if you like understanding your movies, then this movie might be a huge turn off for you. If you're able to just sit back and enjoy some strangeness plus interesting blending visuals, you'll probably like this movie. Personally, I really enjoyed it, but I'm pretty sure a good deal of people wouldn't.

Looking at Rotten Tomatoes most people didn't like it. The biggest complaint seems to be that the story which is hard to figure out where the heck it's supposed to be going, and they have a point.

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