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Nickelback songs sound the same posted by bichen

links::music | Friday, Jun 4th 2004, 03:42:48 PM

How you remind me of someday. Some one made a shockwave application that plays "How you remind me" on the right channel and "Someday" on the left channel so you can tell how similar the songs are.

Oh and also there's this great video of Nickelback getting the cold shoulder from Poland. Hehehe. It amuses me because this quote of his is pretty dumb
"If trends continue the way they are, there isnít going to be any new music for people to download," says Kroeger. "From a guy who runs a record company, who produces bands and plays in a band, itís a horrifying thought. I love playing my guitar for people and singing for people and I would hate to think that could all be taken away with a couple of clicks on a mouse."

As the people on Fark pointed out, making money off of your music doesn't stop you from playing your guitar or singing. In fact, if you weren't interested in making money then you'd WANT your music to be spread to a wider audience. There's nothing wrong with wanting money, but it's just stupid to pretend your interest isn't money based.

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