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Tank Man (Tianamen Square) posted by bichen

links::informative | Tuesday, Apr 18th 2006, 01:14:35 PM

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I'm sure everyone (well, everyone not in China) knows this picture. The question is who is this guy? PBS Frontline has a show about this. It's in Real Media format (I personally use Real Alternative). Very interesting video report on the student uprising, the killing at Tianamen Square and more importantly, the massacre of concerned parents, doctors, and nurses afterwards.

Actually now that I've watched it, the most amazing thing to me is the fact that people in China's most prestigious university fail to recognize the picture...

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some of the stories are crazy
Tuesday, Apr 18th 2006, 02:24:17 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
especially the lengths that the student leaders had to go to in order to hide from the government.


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