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Idling Away posted by bichen

personal | Wednesday, Mar 17th 2004, 11:26:40 AM

Ok, someone explain this to me. If you're going to sit in your car and not go anywhere for about half an hour (give or take 10 minutes), don't you normally shut your engine off and then start it back up when you're ready to leave?

Not if you're one of my neighbors apparently. It's a townhouse like area so there's a "street" for all the garages and no driveway. Once or twice every other week he'll idle his car outside his garage (which is VERY near my window) for about 20-30 minutes. Now that's not a big deal except when he does this he does it at around midnight. And sleeping is difficult because there's this low buzz and sometimes your windows vibrate and make a really annoying sound.

So anyways, at midnight (he's been idling away since 11:30pm), I went out there to ask him to not idle his car there for a long time. He was right the next house and there was a woman in the passenger seat. The next house had the garage door open but had 2 cars in there, the garage was completely dark. I told him to try not to idle his car for a long time and he said "oh ok, sorry". I walk back through my garage, and up to my room, and hear the guy drive off. By the way, it was a nice red CLK or SLK. :O

So the question is... what the fuck was the guy doing? He wasn't warming his car up. He drove to the next door house. (Remember, the garage was full). He probably wasn't waiting for someone because I didn't hear anyone leave the car and they left almost immediately after I told him. He wasn't robbing the place because he does this often and I haven't heard of any robberies. If he was out there making out or something, then you would think it'd be best to turn your engine off while you make out? So confused.

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I hope this gets sent to the top
Friday, Dec 10th 2004, 03:43:02 AM

Role Player
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You ever find out what was going on with this guy?
no idea
Friday, Dec 10th 2004, 12:21:20 PM

head dork
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he stopped doing it though after i told him not to. it was just so weird tho. i mean if u're going to stop for a long time, then turn your engine off, right? saves gas, saves wear and tear on the car. and that house has had its garbage cans outside for like 2 weeks straight now. eh, whatever. not my business. :)


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