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High Tension posted by bichen

reviews::movies | Monday, Nov 13th 2006, 12:49:53 PM

High Tension is a French thriller (the gore level can easily qualify it as a horror movie though) that came out a little while back. It's also known as "Switchblade Romance" elsewhere. I have to say it's a well acted, well filmed movie.

It's basically about two women, Marie and Alex, who are going to spend sometime at Alex's house. Anyways in the middle of the night, a man comes into the house and proceeds to kill Alex's parents and kid brother. He takes Alex captive. Marie manages to hide during the whole encounter and escape the notice of the man. The man then takes Alex away in his car and Marie follows, trying to save Alex.

The film does a great job in creating tension and it's quite bloody and violent. So it's really good in that way but unfortunately they tried to be a little too clever with the plot and it ruined the movie for me. Most reviews I've read of it agreed. So bottom line, great on thrills, lots of gore, but the plot becomes really really dumb and annoying.

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