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Versus posted by bichen

reviews::movies | Monday, Nov 13th 2006, 01:05:53 PM

Versus is a Japanese action movie. The plot goes something like two prisoners, Prisoner KSC2-303 and another who really isn't important, escape and meet up with a group of assassins who are supposed to help them escape outside a magic forest. The assassins also have a kidnapped girl. Prisoner KSC2-303 doesn't like the idea of kidnapping women so there's a fight, Prisoner KSC2-303 kills one of the assassins and flees with the girl into the magic forest... full of zombies. Lots of fighting and then the leader of the assassins come, more fighting, etc.

The movie is relatively interesting. There's a lot of over the top performances, (especially one of the assassins) and a lot of effort into making it "cool", but if you ask me they tried too hard. In that sense it was a bad movie because they were trying way too hard it became almost comical. Add on the fact that they tacked on a really lame ending and it kind of ruined it, if you ask me. The story and action plays out very much like a Japanese comic though with quite a bit of blood.

My opinion is it's an interesting premise mired by trying to be too stylish and a really lame ending.

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