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Handsome Boy Steven! posted by bichen

links::funny | Tuesday, Aug 10th 2004, 04:04:39 PM

EDIT: He's got a REAL web page now! I have to bring this to the front again since it's so great. OMG don't forget this flash video too. (he's in his underwear in this one).

Meet the Singaporean HUNK, Steven Lim. He's the studliest and best looking guy in Singapore. And he can teach you to be pretty studly too. I mean he gained a lot of muscle, went from a 68 kg weakling to a 78 kg stud (they use the metric system there and I don't want to convert it). He's also an eyebrow shaper (plucks and shapes eyebrows for people) and he's dating a 16 year old girl. Oh, he's like 28 or something. Creepy? Yeah kinda. Apparently the age of consent in Singapore is like 12 (or so I've been told) so it's not illegal. But it's not surprising to see girls of all ages fall for this incredibly super guy!

Ok, the warning here changes a little bit. The naked picture (he's naked but crouching in a certain way to cover his naughty bits) is now like the first picture you see. And there's a few pictures of him in his underwear showing off his manly physique. Some people might look at you funny if they don't see the rest of the page. So it's probably safe for work, but you might want to be careful looking at it.

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Wednesday, Jul 14th 2004, 01:38:08 PM

what the hell is this guy.... i cant help but feel a little... hmm. overwhelmed with conceit and narcissism? breathtaking. yes.
apparently he's for real too
Wednesday, Jul 14th 2004, 05:00:58 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
i should ask my singaporean friend to check up to see if he really exists. :)
by the beard of zeus!
Wednesday, Jul 14th 2004, 09:28:48 PM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
what a studly man, his friends look a lot better and he looks fobbier.
i wish i could be super like him
Wednesday, Aug 11th 2004, 09:55:43 AM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
wow, i wonder how he would hold up in the us
i think his studliness is beyond borders
Wednesday, Aug 11th 2004, 11:15:22 AM

head dork
Posts: 4964
can you imagine ANYONE not being blown away by his masculinity?!


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