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Anime Expo '04 posted by bichen

original content::anime | Wednesday, Jul 7th 2004, 11:43:20 PM

Thanks to wutaku, I went to Anime Expo '04 with Sam for free. I went to this a few years ago and went for the whole day and I remember being pretty entertained by it. Obviously there were some pretty marked differences between now and then. Oh yeah, I was only at this Anime Expo for like 3 hours. I got bored of it relatively fast this time.

Continued below...

1) Amount of people. There were a lot more people this year, which isn't surprising due to the fact that anime/manga is becoming mainstream.

2) Amount of cosplayers. For those who don't know, cosplaying is dressing up as someone. It can be anime/manga characters, book characters, video game characters, whatever the hell you want. The thing about cosplaying is inherently it can be very cool, but it has a horrible reputation. The reason for the bad reputation is the people that shouldn't be cosplaying usually far outweigh the people that should be. I'm talking about men who choose to cosplay as women, I'm talking about fat people who cosplay as skinny people, skinny people the cosplay as super buff people, etc. I've seen some really good cosplay though and it's impressive.

So anyways, the interesting things about this AX.

1) Fat, hairy man Faye-Valentine. This is what Faye Valentine looks like. Now imagine a big hairy man in that outfit.

2) Someone in a Sailor moon outfit. That someone had boobs. That someone was male. :-/ Ummm... yuck?

3) Someone cosplaying as Luffy from One Piece. He had an decent body type for the character, but the funny thing was... he was tatted up like crazy. And these were big ol' tattoos that were multi colored over his arms and some on his chest. It looked interesting.

4) I took a picture of this chick cosplaying as someone (I'll put it up later maybe). She looked ok when I took it, when I looked at the picture... she was scary looking. Haha. It's probably just me.

5) I really really hate it when people stick Japanese words into normal speech. I mean in some cases it's fine. If you say a sentence in it, I don't mind as much, or if that word is the word that fits best then sure. But I'm talking about people who say stuff like "yare yare John. Geez, seriously, you are such a baka." Sends shivers down my spine. I actually heard someone say "You are such a baka". I also saw Sam turn around look at me and give me a face letting me know that yep, he thought it was insanely lame too.

6) The artists corner was pretty interesting. They have a section where there's just people drawing and you can buy what they're drawing. They also have the display area where people display some of their stuff and you can bid on it. I did see something there that I could draw easily (and better too) that was selling for 35 bucks. I remember the only other time I went I saw someone trying to sell these horrible charcoal drawings for 10 dollars each. This is stuff I could do (and do better) in 5 minutes. :-/

7) Various pictures (I took all of 3-4 pictures there). Ninja Girl, Akira Clown, Space Channel 5.

BTW here's a link to some interesting pictures from AX04 including some of the stuff I was talking about.

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very jealous
Wednesday, Jul 7th 2004, 12:49:55 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
Wednesday, Jul 7th 2004, 03:42:17 PM

i have seen the pictures of the faye valentine cosplayer, and they are NOT pretty.
hahaha if you have a link
Wednesday, Jul 7th 2004, 05:02:47 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
share the "love". though i don't need to see it. once from the front and once from the back is more than enough for me. gawd.
Man! Faye!
Wednesday, Jul 7th 2004, 10:59:19 PM


Or you could just google "man-faye;" you'll get more than your fair share, I promise.
Thursday, Jul 8th 2004, 11:55:22 AM

head dork
Posts: 4964
so unnecessary. :)
save man faye
Thursday, Jul 8th 2004, 07:23:01 PM

man faye is an icon of AX, u cant get rid of him.



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