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Just an Update posted by bichen

site news | Tuesday, Feb 10th 2004, 12:00:00 AM

Here's a quick update of how the site is treking along. Feel free to post a comment if you feel like it. The commenting system should work.

Continued below...

I'm still far from done. Been busy at work and will probably still be for a while. I just put up another layout, which might be the bare bones for the final layout. Have no fear though, the final layout should look much better than what's up right now. The commenting has been fixed for the every day user (the administration isn't really done yet). Give it a whirl if you want.

Anyways, progress will still be slow for another week or two. I was considering posting stuff while I worked on the site, but I think I'm not going to. I want this to be mostly in testing mode.

So bottom line is, you can poke around here for updates, but really come back in a week or two (hopefully).

Well, seeing that I'm busy at work again, it might take a little more time. But if you're curious, here's a quick run down of shit to do before I'm going to start posting random shit.

  • Fix the article addition
  • Add a subcategory section
  • Add in Comment Administration
  • Add in site wide banning/administration
  • Fix up the ordered comments (vs the threaded comment system used now)
Then I can start posting and then add on some stuff like
  • Preview before post
  • User administration/registration
  • Private Messenging
  • Random article display
  • Last 5 commented articles
  • Skins
  • A more complete layout
  • Perhaps private messenging
That's it I think.

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