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Taiwan Politics posted by bichen

links::news | Friday, Mar 26th 2004, 01:57:16 AM

If you don't pay attention to Asian politics, here's a quick run down. Basically Taiwan had it's election. Before the polls closed though, the current President Chen Shui Bian of the DPP party and the VP were shot while campaigning. He happened to be turning around when he was shot so instead of being shot through the stomach, the bullet sliced a big wound into his stomach. It's not life threatening though.

The result of the election was that the Chen Shui Bian (of the DPP) won against the KMT (Kuo ming tang) with a very small margin of votes. The KMT are now accusing Chen of staging his own assassination attempt to gain votes and doing other sketchy things to turn the vote.
This article is about that.

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