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What happened to Irradiate.Net? posted by bichen

site news | Thursday, Feb 26th 2004, 11:39:57 AM

Well, this site used to be Irradiate.Net (in a sense), but now it's RealAcid.Com and Irradiate.Net doesn't work any more. Why is that? Well, Irradiate.Net used to run on a friend of mine's personal machine off of his own cable modem connection. His hard drive on his server crashed, wiping out the database and messing everything up. Seeing that it'll take him an hour or so of work to get it running again, he didn't feel like redoing it and I didn't feel like really asking him to redo it (besides, it was eating up his personal bandwidth) so I bought this domain name and hosting.

Not only that, I decided I could code the scripts better so I redid all the scripts from the bottom up. I had such grand plans to make it totally customizable for other people to use, but it started getting really specific and I'm feeling more and more lazy. Maybe I'll generalize it again later when I fully finish and release it for download. Right now though, I expect there to be a few more major changes and A LOT of minor changes in the future.

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