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Relationship Quiz posted by bichen

links::informative | Friday, Sep 3rd 2004, 12:49:21 PM

20 Questions to a Better Relationship. Here's the explanation in their own words: We all know being in a relationship makes you a different person, so it seems only fair that there be a relationship test to complement the personality test.

This test assumes you have been in at least one long term relationship -- met the parents, had some fights and all that. If you haven't, then you may have to use your imagination -- for questions asking you about how you get along with a significant other's parents, think of how you get along with your bosses or teachers.

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Saturday, Sep 4th 2004, 01:46:22 PM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
i dont think this test is very accurate

"You are a XPYT--Expressive Practical Physical Taker. This makes you a Player."

i dont think so haha
Saturday, Sep 4th 2004, 01:57:50 PM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
second time around...You are a RPYG--Reserved Practical Physical Giver. This makes you a 1950s Parent.

lol i oinly answered like 2 qs differently
Sunday, Sep 5th 2004, 11:24:22 PM

Anime Geek
Posts: 327
damn i think ur supose to be in a serious relationship...u know. i will try to take the test see what i get lol. my predictions.


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