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The Insane Neo-Cons posted by bichen

links::news | Tuesday, Apr 6th 2010, 02:05:31 PM

Seriously, what's wrong with the Republican Party? When did they become so fucking insane? They engage in domestic terrorism and they don't see the irony? "We must kill all terrorists! Oh wait, to stop the terrorists we must use terrorism!" Seriously? Threatening to KILL SOMEONE'S KIDS?! I mean really? Their kids?

Continued below...

And then you have the fact that some Republican officials saying "sure that's kind of bad but they deserved it?" WTF man!

But it doesn't end there! A lot of tea partiers STILL think Obama's Muslim. They use any reason to "prove" the fact. Sigh.

Ooh, and let's not forget people attempting to rewrite history in the favor of the neo-conservative... Seriously?

And let's top this off with this idiot doctor who basically says if you voted for Obama he doesn't want to treat you. Which kind of goes against the whole medical practice. Not only that he can't even say WHY he's against Obama's health care policy. He can only regurgitate lies he's been told. Sigh, when did the Republicans turn into a bunch of retards?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's plenty of intelligent Republicans out there, but with this being the "face" of the Republican party, shouldn't the rest of the Republicans who DO have a brain worry?

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