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A Car Keying Story posted by bichen

links::uplifting | Friday, Nov 5th 2004, 11:54:57 AM

I read this story on Rx8club.com by some guy named shigginsrx8 and I thought it was a pretty cool story about some guy getting keyed and his revenge. You can find it here but I'll just post the story in the read more.

Continued below...

Now, im fairly new too the boards and have noticed a lot of car keying stories. I thought that I would share my experience.

I was to pick up my girlfreind after her shift was done at a local steak house. I was driving a RAM 2500, i know i know, but i live on a farm its a 'work' truck. Well, i was there about half and hour early and parked in a one of those spots shaped like an H. Well, the rear of the truck was facing the restaurant and i was watching out the rear view for my gf. Then this greasy looking dude with his trophy gf walked out. He was clearly drunk.

My windows were tinted, but down a crack and i was slouched down in the seat. So i guess he didnt see me, but i heard him say something about a redneck as he and his girl walked by the passenger door. Then i heard the scratching of keys, its and awful sound when your in the car. He pulled his key up the front quarter panel and onto the hood, so i wasnt just hearing things.

Needless to say, I was pissed.

Lucky for me, the little base ford mustang in yellow parked right in front of me belonged to him. He began to unlock the door to let his gf in, when she saw me sitting in the truck. I imagine i looked kinda scary, im a farm boy. he turned around started saying it was an accident etc etc...

So i rolled down my window, and they came up and started telling me all about the mistake they made. I watched the entire thing, it was clearly intentional.

WELL, i had a heavy duty brish bar on the front of my truck so i started it up, put it in drive, and had an accident too, only my truck wasnt injured.

He started spouting off, I got out of my truck, then he got in his car and drove home.

Now, im not saying what i did what right, certainly not. But, there are a lot of angry people on these boards cause their beautiful cars got keyed and they dont know who did it. well, i got one of them!!

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Friday, Nov 5th 2004, 03:56:27 PM

Anime Geek
Posts: 327
theres one reason to have a truck
probably not a good move tho
Friday, Nov 5th 2004, 06:24:23 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
even tho the story makes u feel nice and fuzzy inside it could've turned out much worse.

but i'm glad they got worse than just a police report filed against them.
no guns
Saturday, Nov 6th 2004, 11:34:56 PM

Anime Geek
Posts: 327
yea, good thing nobody got too crazy. but im sure redneck guy had a shottie or something in his truck. whatever. idiots.
Sunday, Nov 7th 2004, 12:57:38 AM

Snappy Dresser
Posts: 105
good one for the farmboy. that bastard had it coming to him, the keyer. i have feelings of ambivalence towards trucks. i like them but i dont, i dont like em especially when the guys driving them REALLY are assholes. u know the kind from harold and kumar go to white castle. my high school is filled with guys like that, doods who drive like 20 foot high raised ford f-9 millions and drive in the parking lot at like 40 mph and scream and holler and cut u off on the road and guffaw and yee haw. i hate that shit. but i like trucks when they are normal.


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