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Another Site Update posted by bichen

site news | Friday, Feb 27th 2004, 06:41:14 PM

This one is a bit long so I'm going to use the blurb functionality. :) Click on this story to read the actual article.

Continued below...

Ok so update on how the site is going. Basically for the past 3 weeks I've been busy at work. It looks like that's starting to wane back into nothing ness so I should be working on it an hour or three a day.
What's done so far:
  • Basic article submission
  • Basic user validation (makes sure the user has permission to post said article.
  • Basic article editing
  • Comment system is functionally done.
  • A ghetto layout that's hard on the eyes, but better than nothing
  • Login/Logout

What's left to do
  • Display a list of articles by category.
  • User registration/editing
  • Skinning (multiple look and feels for the site)
  • An actual nice skin/layout
  • Ability to lock accounts.
  • Allow the user to select between threaded comment mode (as it is now) and standard "flat" comment mode (displays first comment first).

What "improvements" I want to add
  • Display articles with latest comments
  • Display random article
  • Allow people to post articles for review (and allow administrators/moderators to approve)

How it works now though is you can put in blurbs which will be displayed on the front page. If you don't put it in, it'll just display the actual article on the front page. I'm guessing though, more often than not, the blurb won't be used. But it's just a cool thing to have (in my opinion).

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