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Clay Barring Your Car posted by bichen

links::informative | Thursday, Dec 23rd 2004, 01:43:27 PM

Since I've been following car stuff a lot recently, I've uncovered this thing about using clay to clean your car. What the heck am I talking about? Well, you can buy clay bar kits at most auto supply stores. It comes with a lubricating spray and a wad of clay for about $10-20.

The purpose of the clay bar is to take off contaminants off your paint that normal washing won't do. Have you ever run your hands over an older car and noticed it felt gritty even after a thorough car wash? Well, that's when you REALLY need to clay bar your car. After you're done clay barring (if you've done a good job) your paint job should feel like glass; incredibly smooth. Even on new cars clay barring can help. Here's an article on how to use clay to clean your car.

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