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Totally Sidetalkin'! posted by bichen

links::geek | Monday, Apr 11th 2005, 12:43:14 PM

What is side talking? Well it's all the rage! Basically Nokia released their hand held gaming system called the N-Gage which can be a phone OR a portable gaming system. In the first incarnation of it to talk on it you had to hold it to your ear on its side instead of what you would think is normal, hence the term side talking. Unfortunately Nokia made the newer versions of the N-Gage such that you can talk normally on it. Too bad, eh?

EDIT: Link to the Ladies of Side Talking. There's one picture on this page that can be considered NSFW (topless pregnant woman but she's covering herself up with her arms and "sidetalking" her belly). There's a few vibrator side talking pics too, which should be safe for work though. And there is this fat girl with ginormous jugs. Oh, and here's the best chick ever. Damn, she's hard core (I'm pretty sure those are games in that huge stack). Crazy Asian people.

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Sapphire by bichen
Monday, Jul 25th 2005, 12:43:04 PM
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