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Why You Don't Do Medical Stuff on Yourself posted by bichen

links::yikes | Thursday, Jan 6th 2005, 12:33:19 PM

So apparently there's this Korean celebrity that was obsessed with her looks. But I guess she lost popularity so she ran out of money for all the plastic surgery she wanted. So being the smart person she is what does she do? She tries to do the procedures herself. And obviously fucks it up badly. As a warning she looks very disturbing now. No, there's no blood or gore, but what basically happens is her face became infected or something and ballooned to like 5 times (or more) the normal size so it looks like a bad scary mask. Here's what she looked like before and after. She was pretty before and yet she felt like she needed more. Pretty sad. Another after picture. I can't read Korean but apparently this site is taking donations to fix her up.

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holy crap
Thursday, Jan 6th 2005, 12:52:03 PM

Chemical Superfreak
Posts: 1503
that's freaky!!! she looks like the tetsuo blob from akira!!!
scary isn't it?
Thursday, Jan 6th 2005, 01:56:17 PM

head dork
Posts: 4964
geez, she was pretty hot before and now look at her. and yeah she does kinda look like the tetsuo blob. KANEEEEEEDAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Thursday, Jan 6th 2005, 08:42:30 PM

Anime Geek
Posts: 374
that is some nasty stuff
Friday, Jan 7th 2005, 12:57:46 AM

Anime Geek
Posts: 327
i.....ew...can't even look at it.
Friday, Jan 7th 2005, 02:07:01 AM

Anime Geek
Posts: 374
well since its swelling, wont it go down eventually?
edit: haha even if it did, there would be some major stretch marks

Edited on Friday 07th of January 2005 02:07:27 AM.

i dunno all i know
Tuesday, Jan 11th 2005, 03:40:59 AM

head dork
Posts: 4964
is her face is fucked up!


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