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Cure Vaginal Wetness posted by bichen

links::sex | Monday, Jan 31st 2005, 11:17:02 PM

What the fark? If you wanted a cure for vaginal wetness then I guess here you go. Search the page for "Filling a Niche" if you don't get put there automatically. I included the text as the rest of this article if you're too lazy to find it.

Continued below...

Reader Anne M. emailed us to say:

Check it out: I came across this discussion of a special powder (AKA "corn starch") that is apparently the "solution to vaginal wetness."

And then Anne provided us with the URL to the site where one can purchase "AbsorbShun: Natural vaginal wetness solution. Make the vagina tight"

See, apparently when they get aroused, women produce lubrication, and this can ruin sex. But if your vagina is dry, you can drive men crazy! {"Do you want to drive men wild with a tighter vagina?")

Here, let's let Cynthia, whose product this is, tell us more about it:

Cynthia KossHi Ladies,

I had the same excess moisture problem you have. Then I discovered AbsorbShun natural powder. Now lovemaking is wonderful again!


Your man will say he feels bigger - you could feel that, too!

You’re in control. You control the exact amount of lubrication you want and how tight you want to feel by how much and how often you use AbsorbShun. Personally, I find 2 – 3 applications during our lovemaking keeps us going strong. You may need less. AbsorbShun is my way to intimacy, fulfillment and great sex!

Happy in Love,

Benefits of AbsorbShun:

Absorbs excess vaginal moisture during lovemaking.
Easy, simple, fast acting
Makes men feel bigger
Makes you feel tighter
About 24 “special evenings” per bottle

Apparently one keeps one's lovemaking going strong by powdering the man's penis 2-3 times during the session ("If you feel too wet, just dust your man’s penis with a little AbsorbShun [try about a half teaspoon] and continue making love").

And it should be the woman who does the dusting ("We recommend that you be in charge of deciding when and how much AbsorbShun to apply, since men tend to apply more than what women generally enjoy.") Yeah, we suspect that men would want to feel "bigger" more than women would want to feel "tighter."

Anyway, maybe you always thought that lubrication was good. Well, that's not what car mechanic science says!

Many people say it's impossible to have too much lubrication, is that true?

Vaginal lubrication is like oil in a car engine. There is an upper and lower range that is required for maximum performance. So yes, it is possible to have too much or too little.

And yes, like Anne said, apparently AborbShun is corn starch ("finely pulverized cells of an unmodified, naturally occurring maize plant.) And that pulverized maize can cause irritation ("Use of AbsorbShun natural powder in any quantity may cause temporary tenderness and micro abrasions to the genital area.). However, Cynthia advises that this can be treated with hoof cream ("what I personally use is a protein moisturizer [ie. Mane 'n Tail – Original Hoofmaker"]).

But hey, even if you do get sore genitals, it's all worth it, because AborbShun "Makes men feel larger."

And here's the best thing of all:

Our Charity Commitment

AbsorbShun natural powder donates 10% of all profits to World Vision.
World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization that provides emergency relief, education, health care and economic development to several third world nations.

So, have some dry sex for Christian charity. It's what James Dobson would advise, if you were sleeping with him!

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Friday, Feb 4th 2005, 12:12:01 AM

Anime Geek
Posts: 327
i was going to say that wetness is good...then i saw this picture on their site

and then i couldn't think about girls for a while.
Sandpaper Sex
Friday, Feb 4th 2005, 01:03:50 PM

Star Trek Nerd
Posts: 3
"Use of AbsorbShun natural powder in any quantity may cause temporary tenderness and micro abrasions to the genital area"

Might as well use a sandpaper condom.
The powder is great if you want your member to look like a corn on the cob.


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