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Stunt Cocks posted by bichen

links::sex | Friday, Feb 11th 2005, 02:19:22 PM

A film about two men who are stunt cocks.
Stunt Cock (stunt kok) n. : a gentleman who provides surplus semen, usually on demand, to an adult film.

This mockumentary tells the story of Bill and Earl, kind-hearted young men who have taken their severe sexual dysfunction (premature ejaculation) and used it to transform the adult film industry into a business filled with family, friendship, and love. It turns out that Bill and Earl's magical seed is really a salve that unites the world.

It's pretty damn funny. If it were in theaters, I'd guess it'd be rated R. So use that to determine if it's safe for work or not. Some nudity (a shot of a porno magazine) and a lot of fake spooge. It's 8 minutes long.

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Sunday, Feb 13th 2005, 04:50:28 PM

Anime Geek
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i'm so crude. i laughed.


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